About us

Who is behind GitGuardian ?

We are a team of engineers and entrepreneurs passionate about artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. We love challenges and our goal is to build beautiful, interesting and useful algorithms. Contact us if you want to talk !

(By the way, we are from Paris)

Why doing this ?

We were deeply concerned by some security leaks, sometimes leading to dramatic consequences both for individuals and companies. We were curious about it and how hard it would be to give it a fix.

Unfortunately, our first tests confirmed that credentials leaks are very frequent on GitHub, more frequent than we could imagine. But frequency is not the only concern. As we digged more and more into the project, we realised that security leaks are not that easy to detect automatically. We use a combination of regular expressions, entropy statistics and machine learning to achieve a good accuracy without the need for human validation. That is why we are able to react to the leak in a few seconds.

We take pleasure building and maintaining this project, and receiving all this constructive feedback!