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Our mission?

GitGuardian builds modern, efficient, dev-friendly tools to protect secrets used by developers, infrastructure and applications.

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With the massive cloud and SaaS adoption, the number of secrets used to connect these services has dramatically increased. We are at a point where secrets are spreading into the organizations and even the public space thus dramatically expanding the vulnerability area.

Given some high profile security breaches like Uber's hack, compromised credentials are amongst the top issues for security professionals at the moment. Witnessing the increasing development velocity and the security concerns it raises, the problem is getting worse and worse.

As often in cybersecurity, there's no silver-bullet solution. We are building the product suite to solve the issue, at every layer of your security perimeter.



We believe that the only scalable way to handle security issues is to build that culture so that developers want to do the right thing.

To achieve this we are empowering every developer with effective security tools that are both transparent in what they are doing and easy to use.

Transparent because we invite developers to have a look at the work we do and use this work and judge it so that it can be improved. Also share it so that it raises awareness amongst the community.

Easy to use because we respect developers’ time. The surest path to a poor security is to prevent people from doing their job.

This adventure makes us happy because we know for sure that we are creating some value for our customers.

Jérémy Thomas

Jérémy Thomas


Eric Fourrier

Eric Fourrier