Detect secrets in your repos

API tokens, database credentials, certificates:

be alerted before the git process returns control back to your terminal!

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150k+ developers using GitGuardian4 seconds reaction time to a leak

Why GitGuardian ?


Don’t let a leak stand between you and your career success. We got your back!


Ever spent a lot of time recovering from a data breach? We will make your life easier.


Wonder if your friends ever leaked? We got them covered too! Sign up to see how.

Oh, and you won’t pay a dime :-)

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Do you like algorithms? We do.

Detecting keys in source code can be hard. There are a lot of APIs out there and many authentication patterns.

We use a combination of algorithms including Machine Learning techniques to keep evolving with threats and API providers.


200+ supported API providers

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andrew vaughan avatarandrew vaughan@andrewvaughan

Amazing. I accidentally committed my @digitalocean API key and immediately got this email from @GitGuardian. Customer for life right here.

30 Sep 2017
Michal Špaček avatarMichal Špaček@spazef0rze

GitGuardian surely is a good guy and one very fine and useful bot. Good job @GitGuardian !

5 Oct 2017

Accidents happen to the best of us

GitGuardian is our way to give something back to the Open Source Community.

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