Companies and Organizations worldwide are subject to hundreds of sensitive information leaks on GitHub per day. These leaks become available to everyone on the Open Source undisputed leader's platform.

GitGuardian detects sensitive information in source code, measures the risks and warns concerned entities.

GitGuardian already sent more than 15.000 warning emails.


Everyone in the team has a developer or engineering mindset.

We value collaborative learning. Sometimes talking to the right person about a specific issue is far more efficient than trying to figure out on your own.

We value being able to take risks and venture into the unknown while keeping self-control and determination. There are times when it is not obvious how something can be done because the problem is hard or ill-posed.


You will be expected to be a good developer with a deep knowledge of mathematical models and machine learning tools and practices.

Here are the technical skills that are important to us :

  • Python and its scientific computing libraries : NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow, Pandas, gensim, XGBoost
  • Search engines and databases : Elasticsearch, MongoDB, ...
  • Jupyter notebooks and plotting libraries
  • Basic UNIX commands
  • Good understanding of security and data protection
  • Good development practices
  • Versioning of experiments and models

Offer Details

  • Beginning :  ASAP
  • Location :  Paris, FR