Implementing Automated Secrets Detection for Application Security

Dev & Ops teams from large organizations use thousands of secrets like API keys and other credentials in order to interconnect the building blocks of their applications. As a result, they now have access to more sensitive information than companies can keep track of. The risk is that these secrets are now spreading everywhere.  

In this whitepaper, we look at the implications of secret sprawl, and present solutions for Application Security to further secure the SDLC by implementing automated secrets detection in their DevOps pipeline.

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GitGuardian Whitepaper - Implementing Automated Secrets Detection for Application Security
git secrets scanning whitepaper
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What you will learn in this whitepaper

Understanding the benefits of mitigating secret sprawl
What are the threats associated with secret sprawl?
A focus on secrets in source code: why are they so bad?
Challenges associated with secrets sprawl
1 - The git history makes it more complicated than first thought
2 - Enforcing good security practices at the organization level is hard
3 - Homegrown tools and scripts are hard to build, maintain and keep-up-to-date
How to implement automated secrets detection
Where in the SDLC to implement automated secrets detection?
Why is it hard to detect secrets?
Remediating exposed secrets
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