Forrester: The State of Application Security, 2022
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From code creation
to release,
detect secrets
at every step.

GitGuardian integrates security into the Software Development Lifecycle with automated secrets detection and remediation.

  • %ndet%+ supported types of secrets and sensitive files
  • Historical scanning & real-time monitoring for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket repositories
  • CI/CD pipelines hardening
Trusted by 150k+ developers,
we’re the #1 security app on
GitHub Marketplace
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The GitGuardian difference?
We bring Dev. Sec. and Ops.

Developer Computer


Set up pre-commit Git hooks and catch hardcoded secrets before you push your work.

Security shield


Act on high-fidelity alerts and empower your developers to remediate their own incidents.

Cloud for DevOps & SRE

Devops & sres

Harden your CI/CD pipelines with automated secrets scanning and never deploy a secret again.

AppSec? InfoSec?
We have you all covered.

Internal Monitoring
(SaaS or on-prem)

Integrate security in your SDLC

Enforce security policies across all your organization’s git repositories and DevOps pipelines. Empower developers to fix vulnerabilities in their code without your intervention.

Public GitHub Monitoring

Keep hackers on public GitHub at bay

Monitor all public GitHub activity, even on repositories owned by past or present employees and subcontractors. Detect your organization’s secrets and sensitive data leaks on public GitHub.

Public repositories

Private repositories

Your company's repositories
(that you have control over)

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These are official Open Source repositories of your company (if your company owns any).

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Can be accessed by GitGuardian with read permissions.

Your developer's personal repositories
(that you have no control over)

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Personal repos are where most corporate secrets are leaked on GitHub

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Cannot be accessed by GitGuardian

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These folks also get it.
Here’s what they have to say

GitGuardian has absolutely supported our shift-left strategy. We want all of our security tools to be at the source code level and preferably running immediately upon commit. GitGuardian supports that. We get a lot of information on every secret that gets committed, so we know the history of a secret.

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Anonymous reviewer, DevSecOps Engineer

Time to remediation is now in minutes or hours, whereas it used to take days or weeks previously. That's the biggest improvement. Because it is automated and visible to the author, someone from the security team doesn't have to remind them or recheck it. That means the slowdown in the deployment process has definitely been improved by an order of magnitude. There is easily a 30-hour improvement on time to remediation, which is about an 85 percent improvement.

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Danny, Chief Software Architect