Gartner®: Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls


Gartner®: Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls



Every. Public. GitHub. Commit. Scanned.

GitGuardian monitors GitHub round the clock for your secrets and sensitive data. We catch the leaks, you stop the intrusions.

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Including key metrics around secrets leaks from your company's developers on public GitHub.

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Take GitHub threats seriously

90+ Million developers

56 M developers

300+ Million repositories

60 M repositories

How many of your secrets?

Even if your company doesn't do open source, chances are your developers do. And they may be unintentionally leaking your corporate secrets or source code on their personal GitHub repos - without your knowledge.

Output of using the IaC checks provided by ggshield

Your organization’s sentinel
on public GitHub

Map your attack surface on public GitHub

  • Set up a dynamic perimeter including every developer related to your organization.
  • Monitor all your developers’ public activity, even on personal GitHub repositories.
  • Track keywords specific to your organization (e.g project names, IP addresses…).
Output of using the IaC checks provided by ggshield

Find all your leaks past, present and future

  • View up to three years of history of your organization’s secrets leaks.
  • Never miss a leak again with 350+ secrets detectors.
  • Stay focused and reduce alert fatigue with a 91% True Positive Rate.
Output of using the IaC checks provided by ggshield

Be the first to arrive and last to leave

  • Bring your alerts to your favorite SIEMs and ITSMs.
  • Assign, acknowledge, and resolve incidents in their order of severity.
Output of using the IaC checks provided by ggshield

Collaborate with developers and remediate in hours, not days

  • Alert developers in your perimeter when they leak a secret.
  • Collect feedback from developers involved in your incidents.
Output of using the IaC checks provided by ggshield






MS Teams


We monitor GitHub in real-time
so you don’t have to.

Since 2017, we’ve scanned every contribution and event on public repositories, catching every secret — and a lot of sensitive data. Our algorithms and detectors constantly train against a dataset of 4 billion commits — ensuring alerts of the highest fidelity and precision.

We gathered all our findings from extensive
research on public GitHub in a report.

public commits scanned in 2021
detected in 2021
more than
secrets found/day
growth in secrets leaked vs 2021
pro-bono alerts sent to developers around the globe

Trusted by security leaders and enterprises worldwide

Prospects and customers conduct cybersecurity and privacy risk assessments to identify, evaluate, and contract with software vendors. Cover your organization from the risks associated with public GitHub, build trust, and accelerate sales with GitGuardian.

What I have found to be very effective with GitGuardian is that we can analyze the history of Talend-related alerts on the entire GitHub perimeter, whether they are our official repositories or any public directory outside the control of Talend. What was very interesting and what we didn't anticipate was that most of leaked secrets came from the personal code repositories of our developers.

Partnering with MSPs introduces potential third-party attack surfaces and unanticipated organizational risks. Proactively manage your risk on public GitHub and keep your customers’ secrets and sensitive data out of sight.

Most DLPs would put the burden of defining the perimeter on us. GitGuardian is different, it takes care of all the hard work. We now have full visibility over what’s happening on public GitHub and with real-time alerting, we can take action before it’s too late.

Compromised secrets on public GitHub give attackers easy, authorized access to your IT systems and internals. Equip your Threat Intel teams with GitGuardian's real-time GitHub monitoring and stay ahead of attackers.

If a colleague in security at another company were to say to me that secrets detection is not a priority, I'd ask them why that's the case. Arguably, secrets in source code are a very large risk, especially given its distributed nature. People may be using different kinds of machines to do their work, and we need to make sure that sensitive data is kept out of public GitHub.

Product features

Find out how GitGuardian keeps your organization safe from GitHub threats

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Organization repositories monitoring

Monitor the official public repositories listed under your GitHub organization.

Developers’ personal repositories monitoring

Monitor developers’ personal public repositories – this is where 80% of corporate credentials are leaked on public GitHub. GitGuardian identifies under-the-radar activity by automatically linking developers, public commits, and repositories you may be unaware of to your organization’s dynamic perimeter.

Specific detectors

GitGuardian's specific detectors support 350+ API providers, database connection strings, SMTP credentials, certificates...

Generic detectors

Capture JWT secrets. Bearer tokens, username/password pairs, and all types of high-entropy patterns not covered by specific detectors with GitGuardian's "Paranoïd mode".

High precision detection

Reduce alert fatigue with a 91% True Positive Rate (TPR) and the grouping of multiple instances of the same incident in one alert.

GitGuardian performs contextual analysis of the surrounding code to discard false positives and weak matches. When possible, GitGuardian also checks the validity of the detected secrets with non-intrusive HTTP calls to the host.

Keyword match

Track keywords on public GitHub to look for your organization’s internal project names, reserved IP addresses range, domain names, or any other type of sensitive data.

Explore – GitHub search

Use Explore, GitGuardian’s search engine to scour more than 12 billion documents on public GitHub for sensitive data. Save your queries in your library and schedule periodic runs.

Real-time alerting

GitGuardian’s Mean-Time-To-Detect is a few seconds after the secret is publicly exposed.

Developer alerting

Developers are at the forefront of the issue of secrets leaks. GitGuardian alerts the developers involved in the incidents alongside your Security team.


Connect GitGuardian to your SIEM, ITSM, ticketing systems, messaging apps or configure your own webhooks.

Incident severity assignment

Start from templates and create custom rules to automate incident severity assignment.

Incident prioritization

Explore and triage your incidents with key context information: secret type, location (repository and files), incident severity, number of occurrences, live presence on GitHub, secret validity.

Developer feedback collection

Generate unique links to collect developer feedback on incidents. Harness the involved developers’ knowledge to understand the nature of the incident and its potential impact on your company or client systems.

Programmatic incident handling

Manage incidents programmatically with a REST API.


Single Sign-On functionality, compatible with any SAML 2.0 provider.

Audit logs

Browse detailed activity logs of all actions triggered on the dashboard or through GitGuardian’s REST API.

Roles and permissions

Control user permissions in the GitGuardian dashboard with "Admin" and "Member" roles.






Own your organization’s security on public GitHub

And keep your secrets out of sight

Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

The most valuable feature is its ability to automate both downloading the repository and generating a Software Bill of Materials directly from it
We can locate the crucial leaks and try to remediate those first.
It dramatically improved our ability to detect secrets, saved us time, and reduced our mean time to remediation
Transferring code from another platform to GitGuardian enabled us to see open passwords in old repositories and enabled us to clean them well and create a barrier against security leaks.
GitGuardian is my favorite security tool. It is a joy to use and so effective.
The solution aligns with our shift-left strategy, empowering developers with security responsibilities.
Our ROI is in the fact that we have detected a lot of secrets that were publicly leaked.
We know that if someone is leaking something critical or a secret, it will be detected pretty fast by GitGuardian and we will be alerted in minutes.
With the search keyword capability, we have good surveillance over our potential blind spots.
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Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

GitGuardian Internal Monitoring has had a positive impact on our overall business objectives.
GitGuardian reminds the whole team of any committed credentials before it is a threat to the company through leaks.
It never fails to notify me when I have accidentally exposed a secret , which unfortunately happens more than I'd like to admit.
GitGuardian is the Hero You Never Knew You Needed.
If we are working on serious projects like an organization or company then GitGuardian is a must to use thing according me 🥰.
GitGuardian Internal Monitoring has had a positive impact on our overall business objectives.
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Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

Esta herramienta es invaluable para mantener la integridad y seguridad de mis proyectos.
Gitguardian prevented a major leak in my codebase
GitGuardian has helped me improve my security practices and protect my code from unauthorized access.
Love that the product makes it so easy to identify when secrets have been checked into the code!
Esta herramienta es invaluable para mantener la integridad y seguridad de mis proyectos.
The remediation workflow helps to quickly resolve findings and makes it easy to include developers in the process.
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