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for public GitHub monitoring

Prevent hackers from using GitHub as a backdoor to your business.

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scan github repositories for secrets

for public GitHub monitoring

Prevent hackers from using GitHub as a backdoor to your business.

Available in Saas

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github scanning solution

Public Monitoring


repositories monitoring

Monitor the official repositories listed under your GitHub organization. These are the repositories your company knows exist.

Developers’ personal repositories monitoring

Monitor developers’ personal public repositories. This is where 80% of corporate credentials are leaked on the platform. We identify this shadow activity by automatically linking your developers, repositories and source code to your company.


Broad coverage

We cover 350+ API providers, database connection strings, private keys, certificates, usernames and passwords, intellectual property, …

Keyword match

Ability to define your own keywords to look for internal project names, reserved IP addresses range, domain name, ...

Sophisticated detection
that goes beyond keyword match

We use sophisticated pattern matching techniques to detect credentials that cannot be strictly defined with a distinctive pattern (like unprefixed credentials).

High precision

91% “true positive” feedback following our alerts, as reported by our users.


Real-time alerting

Our Mean Time To Detect is a few seconds after the secret was publicly exposed.

Developer alerting

Developers are at the forefront of the issue. We alert developers alongside the security team (Application Security / Threat Response).


Integrate with your
remediation workflow

We’re integrated with most common SIEM, ITSM, ticketing systems, chats, …

Collaborate with developers

Collect developer feedback directly in the dashboard, in order to better investigate and prioritize.


Advanced logging capabilities

Ask for proof points! We provide a detailed list of every monitored developer and repository, as well as logs of every single commit that was analyzed, and reproducible results of our scans.



Single Sign On functionality.

Even if your company doesn’t do Open Source, your developers do

Most corporate leaks on GitHub occur on developers’ personal public repositories, as opposed to official company’s open source repositories. In the vast majority of the cases, these leaks are unintentional, not malevolent. With 40M+ developers using GitHub, any company with a lot of developers is exposed to the platform. You can learn more about the State of Secrets Sprawl on GitHub here.

scan github repositories for leaks
secrets spreading on github

Developers have access to more and more sensitive information

Developers now build software in a decentralized, cloud and SaaS-friendly way. As a result, they increasingly use API keys, database credentials, private keys, certificates, ... This leads to secrets spreading within the organizations and the public domain.

Software development is under real pressure

Developer teams are growing, with more technologies to master, shortened release cycles, … This leaves more room for human error, which is the prevailing cause for breaches.

devsecops and github security

Why choose GitGuardian to monitor public GitHub?

4 seconds

GitGuardian’s Mean Time to Detect

25 minutes

Median Developers’
Reaction Time

< 1 hour

To nullify most of the potential damage

GitGuardian's GitHub security scan solution

See for yourself!

GitGuardian has been scanning all public GitHub activity for over 3 years now. Our demo dashboard will thus be populated with your actual historical data.

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Configuring secret scanning for your repositories

Up and running
in a minute

There is no integration or lengthy setup
needed. You gain instant visibility over public activity related to your company.

clean the secrets in your git history

Value delivered
right away

The moment you get access to your
dashboard, it is already populated with your
actual historical data.

scan public github for secrets

Privacy by

We scan publicly available
data only.


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Making developers part of security with GitGuardian’s new Dev in the loop feature

Making developers part of security with GitGuardian’s new Dev in the loop feature

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