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Partner with us to enhance experiences and unlock revenue streams. Whether you're a Technology or Channel Partner, we offer integration, co-selling, and service expansion opportunities.

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Become a GitGuardian Technology Partner and gain direct access to a network of technical partnerships focused on product integration, support, and co-selling. We collaborate with best-of-breed companies to offer a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions that perfectly complement your existing security offerings.

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Join our network of partners in protecting code and software supply chains across any scale. Our code security solutions are sold, deployed, and supported by our trusted partners, backed by our best-in-class channel program that drives growth, profit, and cybersecurity excellence.

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Hands-on Access to GitGuardian

Get your hands on GitGuardian's code security platform for demos, training, and customer assessments.

Financial Incentives & Sales Support

Enjoy financial incentives like discounts and rebates! Get sales playbooks and resources to help you close deals.

Training Benefits

Unlock Your potential with sales and pre-sales training programs tailored to enhance your skills.


Take advantage of our co-brandable marketing collateral and joint lead generation programs.

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Some useful resources


Secrets Management Maturity Model

Our framework focuses on four critical attack surfaces: developer environments, source code repos, CI/CD pipelines & artifacts, and runtime environments.

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The State of Secrets Sprawl 2023

With continuous scanning of public repos since 2017, we have discovered countless secrets and sensitive data, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge.

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Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

We have around 110 repositories and if we had to remove something one-by-one it would be very hard, but with this solution we can do so from all of them at the same time, which saves us months—not even days—but months.
GitGuardian is a better choice than an open source solution if you are serious about preventing leaks on GitHub.
Security team productivity has also increased.
The solution has increased our secrets detection rate by almost 100 percent.
The ability to check for secrets as part of pre-push hooks is fantastic, as it helps identify issues before they reach the main codebase
We get detections within seconds of people making commits. It seems like it can scale to any size that we would need.
With the search keyword capability, we have good surveillance over our potential blind spots.
Our ROI is in the fact that we have detected a lot of secrets that were publicly leaked
GitGuardian has increased our detection rate by a factor of 10 at least. And our mean time to remediation has been decreased
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Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

Really helpful for protecting your secret or API keys from getting leaked.
GitGuardian is a Must Have Tool in Your Git Workflow, With Emphasis on MUST!
The best tool for securing your repositories against secret loss
GitGuardian Internal Monitoring is an amazing tool, this has a good and friendly interface, easy to use.
GitGuardian reminds the whole team of any committed credentials before it is a threat to the company through leaks.
An essential tool before publishing your code and data to Github!
Low false-positives and immediate value.
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Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

The remediation workflow helps to quickly resolve findings and makes it easy to include developers in the process
Coupled with the low price point, this is a HUGE win for our team + code base.
GitGuardian integrates in a snap!
Never lets you escape any critical data
Love that the product makes it so easy to identify when secrets have been checked into the code!
Coupled with the low price point, this is a HUGE win for our team + code base.
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