CodeSecDays 2024 - Join GitGuardian for a full-day exploration of cutting-edge DevSecOps solutions!

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CodeSecDays 2024 - Join GitGuardian for a full-day exploration of cutting-edge DevSecOps solutions!

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Code security for every developer. On every repository.

GitGuardian enables development and security teams to build and release secure-by-default code.

Fill the code security gaps your AppSec stack is leaving.

SAST, DAST, and SCA are the cornerstones of application security programs, yet they don’t rise to all the challenges of securing the modern software factory.

GitGuardian protects your software development lifecycle from risks like hardcoded secrets, and infrastructure-as-code misconfigurations.

Find and fix hardcoded secrets

Poor credential hygiene weakens your code security posture. It’s no surprise OWASP ranks hardcoded secrets 2nd on its TOP 10 Web Application Security Risks list, and MITRE ranks it 15th on its CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses list.

Automate hardcoded secrets detection and remediation across your source control, CI/CD tools, and infrastructure-as-code.

Secure your infrastructure at the source

Infrastructure-as-Code is the blueprint of your cloud architecture. A single misconfiguration can ripple from code to the cloud and expose your resources to unrestricted traffic, sensitive data leakage, and other security risks.

Scan your Infrastructure-as-Code files and repositories and catch security misconfigurations before they reach the cloud.

Your developers own the keys to code security.

Your code security posture cannot be improved without your developers, starting from vulnerability remediation and ending in preventing the next ones.

Scan every single line of code, without limits.

Connect GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure Repos; launch scans on your entire codebase for past incidents and continuously monitor new contributions.

Decentralize and accelerate remediation.

Create and manage cross-functional teams to decentralize your remediation efforts. Apply developer-driven remediation with automated incident sharing and feedback collection.

Shift security left with early feedback.

Meet your developers where they are – with secrets scanning in pull requests or pre-commit hooks – and enable them to find and fix vulnerabilities while they code.

Build a data-informed code security program

Explore incident trends to continuously assess your security posture, track your progress, and identify areas of improvement for every developer on your team.

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Here’s how we are helping them

GitGuardian has absolutely supported our shift-left strategy. We want all of our security tools to be at the source code level and preferably running immediately upon commit. GitGuardian supports that. We get a lot of information on every secret that gets committed, so we know the full history of a secret.

GitGuardian efficiently supports a shift-left strategy. As a result, it has made things materially more secure. The ability to check for hardcoded secrets as part of pre-receive hooks is fantastic, as it helps identify issues before they reach the main codebase, and that was the ultimate goal for us.

The platform has helped to facilitate a better security culture within our organization. In addition to highlighting problems, it shows engineers how to properly remove hardcoded secrets, and provides advice on rotation.

We have definitely seen a return on investment when it finds things that are real. We have caught a couple of things before they made it to production, and had they made it to production, that would have been dangerous. For example, AWS secrets, if that ever got leaked, would have allowed people full access to our environment. Just catching two or three of those a year is our return on investment.

Overall, GitGuardian has also helped us develop a security-minded culture. We're serious about shift-left and getting better about code security. I think a lot of people in the organization are getting more mindful about what a hardcoded secret is.

Time to remediation is now in minutes or hours, whereas it used to take days or weeks previously. That's the biggest improvement. Because it is automated and visible to the author, someone from the security team doesn't have to remind them or recheck it. That means the slowdown in the deployment process has definitely been improved by an order of magnitude. There is easily a 30-hour improvement on time to remediation, which is about an 85 percent decrease.

The solution has reduced our mean time to remediation. We are down to less than a day. In the past, without context, knowing who made the commit, or kind of secret it was, sometimes it was taking us a lot longer to determine the impact and what actions needed to be taken.

I can say that tracking down a hardcoded secret, getting it migrated out of source code, getting the secret rotated, and cleaning the Git history took much longer from commit until the full resolution before GitGuardian. We weren't notified until it was too late, but with GitGuardian, we know almost instantly.

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