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CodeSecDays 2024 - Join GitGuardian for a full-day exploration of cutting-edge DevSecOps solutions!

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GitGuardian for Developers

Improve your code security posture without compromising speed and productivity. We put secrets detection at the heart of your daily workflows with the GitGuardian CLI ggshield.

$ ❯ git commit -m "feature(orders): Add order queue management"
GitGuardian Shield (pre commit)..........................................Failed
- hook id: ggshield
- exit code: 1

secrets-engine-version: 2.51.0

🛡️  ⚔️  🛡️  1 incident has been found in file

>>> Incident 1(Secrets detection): AWS API key (Ignore with SHA: 2eab1e1e97dc27060c45fae8c96507cb9b8f1fa0821af4326da9cda3bda546f9) (1 occurrence)
8  8 | import log…
9  9 | …
10    | …aws_key = "xoxb-18**********-*****************4i99vs5"
  10 | test_…
11 11 | …



ggshield auth login

Get your API key and start scanning.

ggshield secret scan pre-commit

Set up pre-commit Git hooks on your workstations.

ggshield secret scan pre-receive

Set up pre-receive hooks for your VCS.

ggshield secret scan

Scan staged changes and commits for 350+ types of hardcoded secrets.

ggshield iac scan PATH_TO_REPO

Scan commits for 70+ IaC misconfigurations before they are pushed to source code repositories.

ggshield secret scan ci

Scan your CI/CD pipelines for hardcoded secrets and IaC misconfigurations.

ggshield secret scan docker

Scan your Docker images before every release.

ggshield secret ignore --last-found

Skip the checks in case of false positives.

We are proud to help the developers’ community code safely

With more than 226k GitHub users, 4.3M repositories, and 300 thousand developers under our shield, and growing fast!

Kylz Mistele 🏴☠️🔺// cryptokyle.eth


If @GitGuardian isn’t a part of all of your GitHub actions and CI/CD pipelines, you’re not doing it right :P

Brian Bud


1st day using MongoDB & when I pushed to Github, I got my email from GitGuardian for a security threat that my connectionString password was public😨. For now I figured out how to revert a pushed commit in git using “git reset-Head~1” to unstage & “git push-f origin main”.



We at @pillarwallet and @etherspot have been using @GitGuardian for quite some time now and really like what they have to offer. I would definitely recommend giving them a try!

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Your challenges when it comes to writing secure code

Security Lifecycle
  • Dev accounts are one of the weakest links in the supply chain

    You are afraid to leak a secret since they could grant access to your systems/data. A secret leak can cost you money on a personal level if your digital identity is stolen. Moreover leaking company secrets on your personal repositories can cost your company big time and cost you your job. You need to be alerted in case of any such mistake.

  • Lack of secure coding practices among your team

    You have to meet tight deadlines, so you don’t have a lot of time to spend worrying about security. Include automated secrets scanning early in the SDLC to check every commit for hardcoded secrets. You need to know the secret exposure of the repos you own and act quickly to correctly remediate if a secret is leaked.

  • You can’t rely on security tools that bring development speed to a halt

    You require a developer-friendly solution. A solution that works with every SDLC tool your team uses. A supportive solution will empower you by teaching you application security on the job and offering sound remediation guidance when and where it is most necessary, without being a burden on your day-to-day duties.

Security testing and frictionless developer experiences no longer need to be mutually exclusive

Our easy to use GitGuardian Platform not only brings you closer to the incident remediation process but also helps you prevent any code violations in the future, while you code.


Never let secrets and IaC misconfigurations leave your workstations again.

Effective security practices begin at the terminal. Before committing to shared repositories, run contributions through our command-line tool, ggshield. Setup is easy.

  • Set up pre-commit and pre-push Git hooks on your workstations and pre-receive hooks for your VCS.

  • Scan staged changes and commits for 350+ secrets, and 70+ IaC misconfigurations.

  • Include ggshield in your CI/CD pipelines.

  • Before release, scan local docker images for secrets in creation process and layers filesystem.

  • Connect GitHub repos to trigger checks on future pull requests and reveal secrets in branch commits.

  • Get instant alerts whenever you mistakenly check a secret. Skip the checks in case of false positives.


Learn how to prevent credentials from being exposed while working on the command line.

Read the blog (cheatsheet included)


Worried about lengthy remediation? Don’t be.

Dealing with a security incident can be tricky, stressful, and time-sensitive. We guide you with practical features like feedback collection, remediation steps, playbooks to reduce manual intervention, etc. so that you can resolve issues faster.

  • Empower yourself with access in-app and own your incidents thanks to our Role-Based Access Management (RBAC) system.

  • Remediate fast by prioritizing incidents based on type/criticality, location, recency, validity checks, presence in Git history, and contextual tags.

  • Automate alerting, severity scoring, incident closing, and collaboration tasks with GitGuardian’s playbooks.

  • To support your teams and bring new Devs up to speed, technical account managers offer easy onboarding, training, documentation and guidance.


Investigating, prioritizing, and remediating thousands of hardcoded secrets incidents

Read the blog >
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GitGuardian provides a good balance between Developer and AppSec needs

For every AppSec leader

Ensure code vulnerabilities don’t reach production.

Give visibility to AppSec on the incident context.

Help scale application security and holistically address multiple vulnerabilities.

Secure your secrets, IaC templates and reduce the overall number of incidents over time.

See shared responsibility model

For every contributing Developer

Shift left with ggshield, our Dev first CLI tool to correct issues before committing.

Give feedback quickly with our ready-made questionnaires.

Prioritize and close incidents fast on your own with our remediation advices and training.

Improve your coding standards  and time to market. Ship good quality code within  deadlines.

Start securing your code

Embed the right guardrails, not gates, throughout your SDLC

The earlier a security vulnerability is uncovered, the less costly it is to correct. Hardcoded secrets and IaC misconfigurations are no exceptions.

Seamlessly integrate GitGuardian  into your current setup

We work with the tools and frameworks you use. Test development code by connecting your VCS repository to GitGuardian. Run scans on every commit from your CI/CD pipeline, and once a secret is detected, get alerts directly in PagerDuty or Slack. Report incidents directly to Jira.

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Best practices for managing and storing secrets including API keys and other credentials

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Using ggshield Throughout The Software Development Lifecycle - A Developer’s View of GitGuardian

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Developer experience is security, our answer

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Learning Center

Learn more about secrets sprawl

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Learn about GitGuardian APIs

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Add security at each step of your software development lifecycle!