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Gartner®: Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls


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$0 forever

For individuals, open-source projects, and teams of 24 developers or fewer.





for {{devsCount}} Developers

Advanced collaboration, remediation
and prevention workflows for Sec, Dev,
and Ops teams.

Everything in Free plus:

Up to unlimited contributing developers

Customize detection and find public leaks (out of the perimeter)

Automate incident remediation steps with playbooks



On Prem


Software supply chain security at
scale–centralize policy governance and decentralize remediation.

Everything in Business plus:

Manage unlimited teams to remediate incidents at scale

Unlimited API quota for Shift Left scans (pre-commit)

Deploy and run on your own infrastructure (self-hosted)


Public Monitoring

200+ devs


Discover your developers’ footprint on public GitHub and map your attack surface.

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Secrets Detection

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SDLC stages




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Incident response

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SCA support




SBOM file support

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Alerting & ticketing

Analytics & reporting

Analytics dashboard

Export (.csv format)

API & developer tools



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Available for teams of 200+ developers.

Platform + Public Monitoring Bundles:

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Public Monitoring + Secrets Detection bundle

Go all-the-way with GitGuardian and secure your perimeter inside out.

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Secrets Detection + Honeytoken bundle

Boost your supply chain security at an affordable price. Reduce your attack surface and detect early intrusions.

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Public Monitoring + Secrets Detection + Honeytoken bundle

Go all in with GitGuardian. Protect your software supply chain from exposed secrets, IaC security misconfigurations, and detect intruders.

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Enterprise AppSec is challenging

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Premium Support

build and rollout the most comprehensive secrets detection and remediation program.


Get support from a dedicated team of SREs for on-premise deployments


Design a phased rollout program with the help of our Solutions Engineering team


Train security and dev teams on vulnerability management and remediation

Talk to an expert

Schedule a 30-minute demo and get a complimentary report with your organization’s live incidents on GitHub.

  • I’m not sure which product I need.

    GitGuardian platform tightly integrates with repositories that are owned by your company, either public (under your GitHub Organization, if you have any) or private repositories. These repositories are part of your Software Development Life Cycle.

    Public Monitoring is more of a Data Loss Prevention or Threat Intelligence solution. It monitors the whole GitHub public activity, using many different rules to pinpoint activity that is linked with your company and that might be a threat. This activity mostly occurs on repositories that you don’t control and you don’t even know exist, such as your developers’ personal repositories.

  • Can I purchase licenses for GitGuardian Platform and Public Monitoring on AWS Marketplace?

    Only GitGuardian Platform licenses can be acquired via AWS Marketplace. Please visit to learn more.

    If you are a large organization looking to acquire several hundred licenses, you can also request a private offer from the GitGuardian team. Please contact

  • How do GitGuardian Public Monitoring and GitGuardian Secrets Detection work together?

    These two products are distinct and complementary. They come in the form of two different dashboards. GitGuardian for Public Monitoring is typically used by Threat Response, while GitGuardian for GitGuardian platform is typically used by Application Security.

    This greatly depends however on the way responsibilities are split between your teams. In any case, the look and feel of both GitGuardian dashboards are very similar, so that your team members aren’t lost when they use both products!

  • Who counts as a developer?

    For Public Monitoring: any publicly active developer who has made at least one public commit somewhere on GitHub.

    For GitGuardian platform: any active contributor to a project you are securing with GitGuardian who has made at least one commit in the last 90 days.

  • How can I get a count of my developers?

    For Public Monitoring, the best option that you have is to reach out to us. We use many different rules to identify public activity that is linked with your company. It just takes one email to our support to get your company’s public activity metrics based on our historical data.

    For GitGuardian platform, a developer is an active contributor to a project you are securing with GitGuardian who has made at least one commit in the last 90 days.

  • Are contributors to my Open Source projects counted?

    Our GitGuardian platform product is free for repositories hosted under your GitHub Organization.

    Our Public Monitoring product is charged based on your numbers of publicly active developers. Contributors to your Open Source projects aren’t always members of your development teams. We count these contributors only if they are actual employees. In such a case, we monitor these contributors wherever they commit on public GitHub, especially on personal and third party repositories.

  • How do you count API calls?

    Quota usage is based on requests and not on content amount or size. As an example, the scan of a single file, via single scan endpoint, and the scan of a commit involving multiple files, via multiple scan endpoint, both use 1 API call per request.

    The quota is set on a rolling month basis (and not on calendar month). By default, we grant 10,000 calls/month on our free plans and 1M calls/month for our customers on the business plan. Those quotas can be fine tuned upon request.

  • Do you have discounts for nonprofit institutions or educational institutions?

    We do! Please contact us.