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GitGuardian plans and pricing

Internal Monitoring

secure every code commit


Individual developers &
teams of 25 members or fewer

Free forever



For teams up
to 200 developers


(billed annually)

26 developers



Your organization has more than 200 developers?

Let’s talk

On Prem

Enterprise AppSec is challenging

You have more than 200 developers? Let’s get you on our enterprise onboarding program. We’ll help you build and rollout the most comprehensive secrets detection and remediation program.

  • Blue Check

    Get support from a dedicated team of SREs for on-premise deployments

  • Blue Check

    Design a phased rollout program with the help of our Solutions Engineering team

  • Blue Check

    Train security and dev teams on vulnerability management and remediation

GitGuardian: #1 Security App on GitHub Marketplace

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Public Monitoring

own your organization’s security on public github

  • Green Check

    Discover your developers’ footprint on public GitHub and map your attack surface

  • Green Check

    Monitor your perimeter in real-time for exposed secrets and other sensitive data

  • Green Check

    Invite developers to contribute to investigations and remediate incidents

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Schedule a 30-minute demo and get a complimentary report with your organization’s live incidents on GitHub.

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go all-the-way with gitguardian and secure
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