CodeSecDays 2024 - Join GitGuardian for a full-day exploration of cutting-edge DevSecOps solutions!

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CodeSecDays 2024 - Join GitGuardian for a full-day exploration of cutting-edge DevSecOps solutions!

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Become a Guardian, experience DevOps Generation Cybersecurity!

We are the Guardians of code

We develop code security solutions for the DevOps generation and are a leader in the market of secrets detection & remediation.

Our solutions are already used by hundreds of thousands of developers in all industries and GitGuardian Internal monitoring is the n°1 security app on the GitHub marketplace. GitGuardian helps organizations find exposed sensitive information that could often lead to tens of millions of dollars in potential damage. We love wearing our Guardians’ cape, and help each other achieve high ambitions!

Interested in knowing more about the company and what being a Guardian is, take a look at our GitGuardian Starter Guide here.

GitGuardian Team
GitGuardian Team
GitGuardian Team
GitGuardian Team

Our Culture

Business Mindset
Business Mindset

Think global, not local 🌍

Don’t blame your environment, leverage it instead! 🤝

Mistakes are definitely ok, negligence is not 🪢

Be result and business oriented 🚀

Organize, focus, implement 🎯

Team Spirit
Team Spirit

Agree or disagree, but always commit 👍

Be aware of your public words’ impact 🗣

Take care of yourself and others 😇

Day-to-day Approach
Day-to-day Approach

Keep a fresh eye 👁

Accept to navigate in an uncertain environment 🧭

Stay confident 👍

Keep being creative and
innovative 🦾

Own your GitGuardian journey 👊

Be proud of our mission and ambition 🔐


Always make the implicit explicit 🗣

Handle your interactions with others 🙃

Be exhaustive and keep it simple ✍️

Communicate transversally and share your knowledge 🕸

Why should you join us?

  • Participate in an ambitious entrepreneurial adventure

    We are scaling fast, we are opening roles all the time. Thus everyone has a chance to grow with us!

  • Remote friendly culture

    Can do remote 3 days/week.

    We dedicate 300€ per Guardian to improve their home office setup.

  • International environment

    We have 20 different nationalities within our team, we sponsor visas, and we have two offices in Paris and in Boston!

  • Stock options

    We believe that everyone participates in making the company a success. Stock Options are here to reward their investment!

  • Trust  & autonomy

    A lot of freedom and autonomy is given to every team member on their perimeter. We manage through OKR and assess results, we never micro-manage!

  • Transparency

    Strong internal communication with meetings gathering the whole company monthly to communicate on the strategy and the current progression of GitGuardian.

  • Diversity & inclusion

    We believe in an inclusive and diverse culture and we're committed to promoting equality and diversity across GitGuardian.

  • Tech Savvy

    We work with the latest tools, apps, technologies, methodologies…. Microservices architecture.

  • Many team events

    We have plenty of opportunities to spend some fun and quality time all together with Guardians, thanks to monthly events, office fun events, privatized gym sessions, team buildings à la carte, and an awesome Annual Seminar!

GitGuardian Starter Guide
GitGuardian Team
GitGuardian Team
GitGuardian Team
GitGuardian Team

Meet the Guardians

Job opportunities

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  • Your application

    Once you’ve applied we will take a full look at your application. Our hiring managers analyze each application individually - no bot involved. If you are selected you will get a first call to complete your profile. Find more details about the hiring process in our Starter Manual.

  • Feedback

    At GitGuardian, we believe in the value of providing and receiving constructive feedback with a positive attitude! Therefore, when you present a use case we will debrief in a very transparent way.

  • Do I have to speak French?

    We value diversity and have a few different nationalities working together in English. French is nice to have if you want to understand all jokes in the Paris office, and English is a must-have ;)

  • What if I need a visa to work in France?

    When necessary to work for GitGuardian in France, we sponsor visas and “titres de séjour” thanks to the “Passeport Talent” developed by the French Tech! Indeed, we hire talented people wherever they are.

    If you end up working at GitGuardian thanks to the “Passeport Talent”, our HR Managers will help you every step of the way to make sure you have the smoothest experience possible!

Get more details


We invite you to have a look at our Glassdoor profile for transparent reviews from our previous and current employees.

  • Very pleased

    Very dynamic company, and very friendly team. The technical level is quite high which is very stimulating. Open for remote work!

  • Great spirit in a dynamic company

    GitGuardian has a deep technical DNA. The culture is very much oriented towards knowledge sharing. The environment is sound: big ambitions without pressure from the top management.

  • Good company to work for!

    Good projects with technical challenge, career progression, good salary.

  • Great place to work

    Application Security is exciting. Our products are really useful and customers love them. Great leadership. Competitive OTE, workplace flexibility and cool gatherings.

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office in Boston

About us

GitGuardian builds the code security platform for the DevOps generation. GitGuardian started end of 2017 with two passionate engineers Jérémy Thomas our CEO and Eric Fourrier our CTO.  GitGuardian is growing fast and raised a very successful series B of $44M end of 2021 with top tier American and European VCs and prominent investors (Scott Chacon - co-founder of GitHub, Solomon Hykes - founder of Docker, Balderton Capital, Eurazeo and Sapphire).

GitGuardian raised $56M so far!
Based in Paris and soon in the US, we are a true citizen of the world with more than 80% of our customers in the United States.
The next steps are not steps but more of a race! GitGuardian has big ambitions and hires the BEST experts at a fast pace. Guardians are young, passionate and aiming high!

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