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GitGuardian Alternatives

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First, we’d like to say that there are great open-source projects addressing secret detection but also that VCS are dealing with this growing need. Secret detection is quite a new area for cybersecurity and the dynamics demonstrate the need for enterprise-grade solutions.

So if you are here because you’re evaluating GitGuardian against alternatives, then you are already doing the right thing by finding solutions to put in place proper secret detection and remediation in your organization.

GitGuardian's open-source alternatives

Choosing GitGuardian or an open-source solution is definitely a question of build or buy. It is also a question of automation capacities: the number of developers, repositories or secrets to protect should guide you in your decision process.

open-source alternatives

GitGuardian vs truffleHog

TruffleHog is a Python-based tool to search Git for high entropy strings, digging deep into commit history and branches. It also allows high signal regex checks.

open-source alternatives

GitGuardian vs gitLeaks

GitLeaks is a SAST tool for detecting hard coded secrets like passwords, API keys, and tokens in git repos.

open-source alternatives

GitGuardian vs Yelp/detect-secrets

Yelp is an aptly named module for detecting secrets within a codebase. It is running periodic diff outputs against heuristically crafted regex statements, to identify whether any new secret has been committed.

GitGuardian's VCS SECURITY FeATURES alternatives

When it comes to enterprise-grade automated secrets detection solutions you will find secrets detection features available with your VCS. For this type of alternative, the quality and breadth of the detection algorithm, the collaboration capabilities but also the total cost of ownership are key elements to guide your decision.


GitGuardian vs GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub Advanced Security is a set of features licensed on top of GitHub Enterprise. Secrets detection is one of the features included but it can’t be isolated.


GitGuardian vs GitLab Secret Detection

GitLab offers secrets detection to all GitLab tiers but advanced features are only available for Ultimate clients.


GitGuardian vs Cycode

Cycode is a platform for access control & configuration management. Its source path intelligence engine delivers visibility into the code and automatically detects and responds to anomalies in its access, movement, and usage.


GitGuardian vs Spectralops

Spectralops monitors and detects API keys, tokens, credentials and high-risk security misconfiguration.


GitGuardian vs Nightfall

Nightfall is a dataloss prevention platform inspecting and protecting content of any cloud environment.


GitGuardian vs BluBracket

BluBracket detects and prevents secrets in code.

Securing your systems starts with securing your software development process.
GitGuardian understands this, and they have built a pragmatic solution to an acute security problem.
Their credentials monitoring system is a must-have for any serious organization.

Anne Hardy, CISO

We are their best alternative for git secrets detection.

Join companies already secured by GitGuardian and start scanning your Git repos for secrets.

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