📅 Webinar - Delivering Security on Your Terms: An Intro to Self-Hosted

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📅 Webinar - Delivering Security on Your Terms: An Intro to Self-Hosted

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Ship secure code.
Remediate vulnerabilities at scale.

Protect your application from vulnerabilities at its core. Prevent secrets leaks, automate vulnerability detection and remediation to ensure code integrity.

Trusted by security leaders at the world’s largest companies

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used by 500k+ developers | 350k+ GitHub installS

“We increased our detection rate by a factor of 10 at least compared to our internally built tool.”

Theo Cusnir

Application Security Engineer at Payfit

“ We increased our security team's productivity, by saving them about 10 hours per week.”

Edvinas Urbasius

IT Security Specialist, SOC analyst at a wholesaler/distributor with 10,001+ employees

“ Scanning for secrets before we commit them to the repository saves us a lot of time.”

Head of Engineering, Government with 1,001-5,000 employees

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Detect threats in your software supply chain

Detect secrets, IaC misconfigurations, open-source vulnerabilities, and intruders in your software supply chain for timely remediation actions.

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self hosted

GitGuardian detection scanner is unique, battle-tested on billions of commits.

Detection without remediation is just noise

The volume of fixed incidents is our North Star metric.

Remediate incidents at scale

Efficiently investigate, prioritize and remediate thousands of incidents, reducing Mean Time To Remediate (MTTR).


Unified Incident Management

Centralize incidents across source control and productivity tools for a holistic view, facilitating swift remediation across monitored assets.

contextual insights

Detailed Incident Investigation

Examine the rich context of incidents, view a timeline of actions, access developer comments, and more.


Prioritized remediation

Focus efforts on prioritizing incidents through vital information like automated severity scoring, AI-enriched contextual tagging etc.


Enhanced collaboration

Create teams with granular access and member permissions for efficient delegation and collaboration.


Time-saving automated playbooks

Leverage automated playbooks easing the security engineers’ workload and speeding remediation.


Custom remediation guidelines

Craft detailed remediation guidelines to align with internal processes and provide links to internal knowledge bases for self-service developer action.

Secure your code from the start

Prevent machine identities (secrets) leaks, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations: effortless setup, smooth integration, and instant alerts for proactive security.

Shift left with Git hooks

Implement security guardrails early in the SDLC using client-side Git hooks and CI/CD integrations to prevent secrets exposure, open-source vulnerabilities and IaC misconfigurations. 

Comprehensive scanning

With ggshield command line tool, devs detect and fix 420+ hardcoded secrets, 100+ IaC misconfigurations and SCA issues in a unified experience, ensuring comprehensive vulnerability detection prior to code deployment.

Streamlined workflows

Integrated within the GitGuardian dashboard, ggshield syncs client-side scanning with monitoring, breaking silos between sec and dev teams to streamline workflows and manage exceptions, auto ignore lists, and approvals.

Continuous improvement

ggshield maintains a comprehensive incident history and learns from them to prevent alert fatigue.

Empower your application security journey

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Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

We have also used the dev in the loop feature and it works well when it comes to remediating an incident. For collaboration between developers and security teams it's very good.
I like GitGuardian's instant response. When you have an incident, it's reported immediately.
GitGuardian is my favorite security tool. It is a joy to use and so effective.
The code context feature is valuable as it shows developers exactly where the issue occurs in their code.
For remediation, GitGuardian is quite good at pointing out all the incidents and helping us handle them.
GitGuardian is a better choice than an open source solution if you are serious about preventing leaks on GitHub.
We know that if someone is leaking something critical or a secret, it will be detected pretty fast by GitGuardian and we will be alerted in minutes.
GitGuardian has increased our detection rate by a factor of 10 at least. And our mean time to remediation has been decreased.
Our ROI is in the fact that we have detected a lot of secrets that were publicly leaked.
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Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

GitGuardian reminds the whole team of any committed credentials before it is a threat to the company through leaks.
GitGuardian has been a great addition to our security toolset.
GitGuardian has high True Positive Rate and reduces alert fatigue with smart occurrences regrouping.
Whenever we want to make out github repo safe, GitGuardian always got our back.
GitGuardian is the Hero You Never Knew You Needed.
It never fails to notify me when I have accidentally exposed a secret , which unfortunately happens more than I'd like to admit.
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Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

Gitguardian prevented a major leak in my codebase
GitGuardian helps me protect my repo and gives steps to remediate the security problems identified.
Never lets you escape any critical data.
The remediation workflow helps to quickly resolve findings and makes it easy to include developers in the process.
Never lets you escape any critical data.
Coupled with the low price point, this is a HUGE win for our team + code base.
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