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The first platform scanning all GitHub public activity in real time for API secret tokens, database credentials or vault keys. Be alerted in seconds. Integrate in minutes.


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Public repositories scanning

GitGuardian sent thousands of warning emails so far.

Some of the leaks we detected could have led to unexpected charges on developers' accounts. A lot of them were also highly critical security leaks impacting corporations, governmental organizations and universities around the world. Sometimes it only takes one single indirect compromised access to jeopardize an entire organization.

warning emails sent until now


seconds reaction time to a leak

Real time notifications

Hacking bots are constantly scanning GitHub for API keys. They steal, ransom, disclose and destroy data, spawn servers to mine bitcoins, charge your company's customers, gain access to other services, etc.

Setup your preferred communication channel at subscription to be alerted in real time.

Many different threats detected

Automatically detecting authentication keys in source code can be tricky. There are a lot of APIs out there and as much authentication patterns.

We use a combination of algorithms (including Machine Learning techniques) to keep evolving with threats and API providers. Here is a sample of the keys we already detected.

Just to name a few...

And a lot more !

Accidents happen to the best of us

GitGuardian is our way to give something back to the Open Source Community.

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