Gartner®: Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls


Gartner®: Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls


Harden your software supply chain, protect your business-critical apps.

Secrets are not just any kind of credentials; they securely hold together your software supply chain, from code to cloud. Keep a tight grip on all your secrets with GitGuardian.

All it takes to compromise your entire software supply chain is a single hardcoded secret.

Prevent attackers from exploiting exposed credentials and cloud misconfigurations to compromise your organization's software supply chain.

Our research, published in The State of Secrets Sprawl 2024, proves that detecting and removing hardcoded secrets and cloud infrastructure hardening can go a long way in improving your security.

Eliminate hardcoded secrets from your software supply chain

GitGuardian can help you automate the detection and remediation of hardcoded secrets across every component of your supply chain: source control, CI/CD pipelines, and infrastructure-as-code. By leveraging GitGuardian's scanning, you can ensure your credentials are always secure and your applications and infrastructure are protected from attackers.

Steel your cloud infrastructure from the source

The fatal combination of exposed secrets and misconfigurations in your cloud environment can provide attackers with a clear path to breach your organization's software supply chain, with potentially severe consequences.

GitGuardian can help you secure your cloud infrastructure by scanning your IaC templates against 70+ security policies covering network, permissions, and sensitive data exposure.

Keep a tight grip on your secrets and cloud infrastructure.

Software supply chains are increasingly targeted by attackers who know that one successful breach can compromise an entire network of organizations.

Secure every component of your software supply chain

Connect GitGuardian with developer platforms like GitHub or GitLab, CI/CD providers like GitHub Actions, CircleCI, and container registries, and continuously monitor your assets for hardcoded secrets and other security policy breaks.

Put developers at the front line of software supply chain security

Enable early feedback by integrating checks into pull requests or pre-commit hooks, empowering developers to take charge of security. With GitGuardian, your team can easily find and fix vulnerabilities while coding, increasing your software supply chain security posture.

Level up your software supply chain security

Your security posture will only get better over time with GitGuardian. Our platform analytics allow you to uncover trends in incidents related to hardcoded secrets and infrastructure-as-code security policy breaks, track your progress, and ultimately identify areas of improvement for each developer on your team.

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The existence of a sensitive access token on a compromised server can make all the difference between a single contained incident and a large-scale nightmare. Scanning, scoping, and removing unnecessary secrets from organization assets dramatically reduces the risk of lateral movement and contributes to better segmenting environments.

Must-have item in the era of heightened software supply chain risk. The depth of knowledge of GitGuardian’s professional team members about the risk associated with the software development cycle is phenomenal.

It's good to know GitGuardian has your back; it is an essential last line of defense in any software supply chain.

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