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Secrets Detection

Secure. Every. Code. Commit.

Scan and fix hardcoded secrets in source code, CI/CD pipelines, and developer productivity tools – with GitGuardian’s code security platform.

Secrets are the keys
to your kingdom

  • Every day, GitGuardian finds more than 27,000 hardcoded secrets in GitHub repositories.
  • Leaving secrets in source code, Jira tickets, and Slack threads gives attackers the freedom to move from one system to the next. Even worse, you may never know they were there or how they got in.
  • Automate secrets detection and reduce your exposure risk.

Unite Dev. Sec. and Ops. to fight hardcoded secrets

Align developers, security teams, and DevOps engineers in a single platform.


Keep your code free from secrets

Scan every push and commit, find and fix hardcoded secrets while you code


Enforce security policies for everyone, everywhere

Ensure every team is compliant and empowered to fix their own mistakes


Get continuous pipeline security

Align engineering and security with automated secrets scanning in CI/CD

Security from the first line
of code to the last build

Code security that fits
into every workflow

Prevent secrets from leaving your workstations

Code fast and stay secure with the ggshield CLI

  • Set up pre-commit hooks to scan staged changes for 350+ different types of secrets
  • Remove hardcoded secrets and prevent them from reaching remote branches
  • Skip the checks in case of false positives
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Stop secrets leaks in your DevOps pipelines

Harden your pipelines with the ggshield CLI

  • Run automated scanning jobs with native support for your CI/CD tools
  • Set up branch protection rules and block merge requests when ggshield finds hardcoded secrets
Output of using the IaC checks provided by ggshield

Gain complete visibility and continuous protection

  • Scan your code repositories, Jira projects (coming soon), and Confluence (coming soon)
  • Understand the scope and severity of security incidents and policy breaks
  • Examine secrets exposure trends over time and monitor team performance
Output of using the IaC checks provided by ggshield

Everything you need to prioritize
and remediate hardcoded secrets

Get your alerts delivered in real-time, at the right place

  • Connect GitGuardian to your favorite SIEMs and ITSMs and never miss an exposed secret again
  • Communicate with development and DevOps teams through dedicated incident channels in your ChatOps tools
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Prioritize your incidents ruthlessly

  • Use context-based automation to score severity (e.g secret type, occurrences, location, validity)
  • Triage, assign, and track the resolution of your secrets incidents in GitGuardian or Jira
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Switch developer-driven remediation mode on

  • Automate alerting and incident sharing with the developers involved
  • Collect feedback on the fly with ready-made questionnaires
  • Empower developers to fix and resolve their incidents without your intervention
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Trusted by security leaders
at the world’s biggest companies

Here’s how we are helping them

GitGuardian has absolutely supported our shift-left strategy. We want all of our security tools to be at the source code level and preferably running immediately upon commit. GitGuardian supports that. We get a lot of information on every secret that gets committed, so we know the full history of a secret.

GitGuardian efficiently supports a shift-left strategy. As a result, it has made things materially more secure. The ability to check for hardcoded secrets as part of pre-receive hooks is fantastic, as it helps identify issues before they reach the main codebase, and that was the ultimate goal for us.

The platform has helped to facilitate a better security culture within our organization. In addition to highlighting problems, it shows engineers how to properly remove hardcoded secrets, and provides advice on rotation.

We have definitely seen a return on investment when it finds things that are real. We have caught a couple of things before they made it to production, and had they made it to production, that would have been dangerous. For example, AWS secrets, if that ever got leaked, would have allowed people full access to our environment. Just catching two or three of those a year is our return on investment.

Overall, GitGuardian has also helped us develop a security-minded culture. We're serious about shift-left and getting better about code security. I think a lot of people in the organization are getting more mindful about what a hardcoded secret is.

Time to remediation is now in minutes or hours, whereas it used to take days or weeks previously. That's the biggest improvement. Because it is automated and visible to the author, someone from the security team doesn't have to remind them or recheck it. That means the slowdown in the deployment process has definitely been improved by an order of magnitude. There is easily a 30-hour improvement on time to remediation, which is about an 85 percent decrease.

The solution has reduced our mean time to remediation. We are down to less than a day. In the past, without context, knowing who made the commit, or kind of secret it was, sometimes it was taking us a lot longer to determine the impact and what actions needed to be taken.

I can say that tracking down a hardcoded secret, getting it migrated out of source code, getting the secret rotated, and cleaning the Git history took much longer from commit until the full resolution before GitGuardian. We weren't notified until it was too late, but with GitGuardian, we know almost instantly.

Product features

Find out how GitGuardian reduces the risk of hardcoded secrets in your software supply chain

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Source code and infrastructure-as-code

Continuously scan all public and private Git repositories listed under your GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, or Bitbucket organizations. Infrastructure-as-code file configurations are also scanned for hardcoded secrets and sensitive environment variables.

Docker images

Scan your Docker images for hardcoded credentials before pushing them to public or private registries.

Developer productivity tools (coming soon)

Developers write more than code. Scan your Jira projects and Confluence wikis for hardcoded credentials.

Developer workstations

Set up pre-commit or pre-push hooks to scan source code on developer workstations with GitGuardian’s CLI, ggshield.

CI environments

Plug GitGuardian into your CI/CD and run secrets scanning automated tests in your pipeline.

Centralized Version Control Systems

Scan your Git repositories’ full history and continuously monitor all new contributions. GitGuardian integrates natively with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab and Bitbucket.

Pull requests

Turn GitHub check runs on and scan every commit in your pull requests for hardcoded secrets.

High coverage with specific detectors

GitGuardian’s Mean-Time-To-Detect is a few seconds after the secret is publicly exposed.

Generic detectors

Capture JWT secrets, Bearer tokens, username/password pairs, and all types of high-entropy patterns not covered by specific detectors with GitGuardian’s “Paranoïd mode”.

Custom detectors

Define custom Regex rules for secrets specific to your organization.

High precision detection

Reduce alert fatigue with a 91% True Positive Rate (TPR) and multiple occurrences grouping.

GitGuardian performs contextual analysis of the surrounding code to discard false positives and weak matches.

When possible, GitGuardian also checks the validity of the hardcoded secrets with non-intrusive HTTP calls to the host.

Developer alerting

Developers are at the forefront of the issue of secret leaks. GitGuardian alerts the developers involved in the incidents alongside your Security team.


Connect GitGuardian natively to your SIEM, ITSM, ticketing systems, messaging apps, or configure your webhooks.

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Incident severity assignment

Assign a severity to each incident.

Incident prioritization

Explore and triage your incidents with key context information (secret type, location, incident severity, number of occurrences, live presence in the git repository, secret validity).

Developer feedback collection

Generate unique links to collect developer feedback on incidents. Harness the involved developers’ knowledge to understand the nature of the incident and the security risks it poses.

Developer-driven remediation

Empower developers to fix hardcoded secrets and resolve their incidents under your supervision.

Automated workflows

Enable automated playbooks for incident details sharing and developer-led remediation.

Programmatic incident management

Manage incidents programmatically with GitGuardian’s REST API.

Self-hosted option

For organizations operating in highly regulated industries or organizations with strict data privacy requirements, GitGuardian can be deployed on-premises.


Single Sign-On functionality, compatible with any SAML 2.0 provider.

Audit logs

Get detailed activity logs of all actions triggered on the dashboard or through the REST API.


Control user permissions in the GitGuardian dashboard with "Admin", "Member" and “Restricted” roles.







Secrets Management Maturity Model

Measure your secrets management and secrets detection maturity with GitGuardian’s self-assessment

Start now (5-min)

Secure every stage of your SDLC

And hide your secrets from the privy eyes of attackers.

Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

It was a pretty easy, straightforward installation, and we got results immediately.
GitGuardian CLI drastically reduced the number of secrets being committed.
The solution saved our security team about 25 percent of their time.
The solution has increased our secrets detection rate by almost 100 percent.
We have around 110 repositories and if we had to remove something one-by-one it would be very hard, but with this solution we can do so from all of them at the same time, which saves us months—not even days—but months.
We have caught things before they made it to production, and had they made it to production, that would have been dangerous.
Our ROI is in the fact that we have detected a lot of secrets that were publicly leaked
With the search keyword capability, we have good surveillance over our potential blind spots.
GitGuardian has increased our detection rate by a factor of 10 at least. And our mean time to remediation has been decreased
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Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

An essential tool before publishing your code and data to Github!
Low false-positives and immediate value.
GitGuardian reminds the whole team of any committed credentials before it is a threat to the company through leaks.
The scanning let us discover even more exposed secrets on private repos and helped us a lot with new security policies.
GitGuardian is a Must Have Tool in Your Git Workflow, With Emphasis on MUST!
It never fails to notify me when I have accidentally exposed a secret , which unfortunately happens more than I'd like to admit.
Low false-positives and immediate value.
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Hi 👋

Let us show you why developers and security leaders trust GitGuardian.

I feel more confident now that secrets wont be in git.
Feel confident that your developers aren't commiting secrets.
Protector of all things Coded.
Coupled with the low price point, this is a HUGE win for our team + code base.
GitGuardian integrates in a snap!
Love that the product makes it so easy to identify when secrets have been checked into the code!
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