Forrester: The State of Application Security, 2022
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We are the

GitGuardian is backed by prominent investors including:

Scott Chacon


Solomon Hykes


Renaud Visage


Our mission

GitGuardian builds modern, efficient, dev-friendly tools to protect
secrets used by developers, infrastructure and applications.


Most corporate leaks on GitHub occur on developers’ personal public repositories, as opposed to official company’s open source repositories. In the vast majority of the cases, these leaks are unintentional, not malevolent. With 40M+ developers using GitHub, any company with a lot of developers is exposed to the platform.


Developers now build software in a decentralized, cloud and SaaS-friendly way. As a result, they increasingly use API keys, database credentials, private keys, certificates, ... This leads to secrets spreading within the organizations and the public domain.

This adventure makes us happy because we know for sure that we are creating some value for our customers.

Jérémy Thomas

GitGuardian CEO

Éric Fourrier

GitGuardian CTO