CodeSecDays 2024 - Join GitGuardian for a full-day exploration of cutting-edge DevSecOps solutions!

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CodeSecDays 2024 - Join GitGuardian for a full-day exploration of cutting-edge DevSecOps solutions!

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We are the

Guardians of code.

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3 Guardians working

GitGuardian is helping organizations secure the modern way of building software and foster collaboration between developers, cloud operations and security teams.

We are the developer wingman at every step of the development life cycle and we enable security teams with automated vulnerability detection and remediation.
We strive to develop a true collaborative code security platform.


How it all started

When Eric and Jérémy started out GitGuardian in 2017, they were working full time together as data scientists and software engineers. GitGuardian, the secret detection platform, was that side project that thrilled them every time they wrote a line of code. That thing that they were building and that made them so happy because they knew for sure they were creating some value and happiness for users.

It all started with collecting all the public commits pushed to GitHub in real time. With so much data at hand and a bit of manual inspection, they were astonished by the order of magnitude of secrets sprawl. Since the beginning GitGuardian has been working hard to make hackers' life a bit tougher!

What makes us Guardians

Dare and go the extra mile!

We dare to be ambitious and Guardians are committed to this ambition. We are all hands-on and proactive people, going the extra mile and thinking out of the box. GitGuardian successes are all Guardians successes.


Innovate, step by step

The very technical industry in which we operate requires us to be analytical, precise, detailed, and to innovate with an iterative approach. Guardians are far-reaching and love a job well done. We hypothesize, analyze, measure our results and evolve our work and our approach to the challenges we face.

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Committed to serve

We have helped many companies though their evaluation process by providing a structured, straightforward questionnaire to help them evaluate their needs and requirements, weigh them so that they can compare us with alternatives. Our products are easy to test:

For GitGuardian Public Monitoring: we’ve been monitoring the whole GitHub public activity and detecting secrets leaked there since 2017. During the sales process, if you allow us to do so, we will show your security team the GitGuardian dashboard populated with actual data from your company’s perimeter.

For GitGuardian Internal Monitoring: you will be given access to a free trial with unlimited features for you to test the product in real conditions before potentially buying. We have also walked many companies through a thorough POC.

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Learning from one another

At GitGuardian we develop solutions that are: innovative, technical and disruptive to the market. This is possible thanks to the most valuable asset we have, our team. We promote a culture of altruism and support so everyone has opportunities to both learn and share skills in an encouraging environment.


Radical transparency

We are always keen on sharing the technical details of what we do with our prospects and customers technical teams. Even our secret sauce is, well, not a secret anymore! We always provide simple and predictable pricing. You won't need an advanced degree to understand our offerings!

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2 Offices in Boston and Paris


GitGuardian is created in Paris in November 2017


GitGuardian Public Monitoring launched


Series A $12 million


GitGuardian Internal Monitoring launched


Series B $44 million


100 Guardians


Honeytoken launched

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SCA launched


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