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WEBINAR - Have Your Secrets Leaked? It’s time to find out!

We understand the struggle of securing sensitive data—API tokens, cloud credentials, and database URLs have a knack for slipping into the public eye, be it in code repositories, CI job logs, or unexpected corners like Jira tickets.

GitGuardian has been championing this cause since 2017, scouring over a billion public GitHub commits last year alone and uncovering a staggering 10 million in 2022. We've gone beyond reports, beyond thought leadership, to unveil a real solution: HasMySecretLeaked!

HasMySecretLeaked will change the way you secure secrets. No scanning—just auditability for every secret across vaults, pipelines, and more, to pinpoint leaks and their origins. If you’re wondering if your secrets have slipped into the wild, far beyond your control, HasMySecretLeaked has the answers. Join our experts as they delve into this transformative integration, flipping secrets security on its head.

Hosted by Mackenzie Jackson, Security Advocate at GitGuardian, this webinar will navigate through the pivotal features and showcase how this integration improves your secrets security posture. Don't miss this chance to enhance your secrets management practices and interact with industry experts!

Nov 29, 2023 - Nov 29, 2023


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