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Protect your cloud infrastructure at the source.

Find and fix Infrastructure as Code security misconfigurations before they reach your cloud.

GitGuardian scanning code infrastructure providers

Cloud security starts in source control

Infrastructure-as-Code was a giant leap forward for developers, SREs, and platform engineers.

Automating resource deployments and environment replication has brought the efficiencies of DevOps to cloud-native architectures.

But software-defined infrastructure is still fraught with risks. Misconfigurations propagate from code to cloud – rendering your workloads and resources vulnerable to attacks

Unite Dev. Sec. and Ops. to lock down your cloud infrastructure

Security is everyone’s job. Align developers, security, and DevOps in one platform.

Dev, SRE, and Platform

Set up guardrails for every deployment

Scan infrastructure-as-code files, find and fix security misconfigurations while you develop.


Protect your cloud at the source

Ensure every team is empowered to fix vulnerabilities and de-risk your cloud from coding mistakes.

Infrastructure automation free from the security holes

Infrastructure-as-Code security that fits into every workflow

Code that contains configuration, API keys and policies.ConnectionImage of the 'cloud' providers, such as AWS and GCP.

Ship airtight infrastructure-as-code configurations from the start

Output of using the IaC checks provided by ggshield
Code that contains configuration, API keys and policies.ConnectionImage of the 'cloud' providers, such as AWS and GCP.

Get visibility over your organization’s cloud infrastructure at the source

  • Enforce security scanning for all Terraform code

  • Scan entire repositories and continuously monitor new contributions for policy breaks

  • Track your shift left and compliance efforts with scanning analytics and reporting

Image of GitGuardian dashboard providing analytics about Infrastructure as Code warnings/issues

Protect your cloud resources
from costly security misconfigurations

Stop unrestricted traffic to your resources

  • Avoid exposing your assets to remote code execution and attacks

  • Catch outdated Transport Layer Security (TLS) policies

GitGuardian protecting resources from unwanted accessors

Prevent data exposure from your databases and storage

  • Find unencrypted AWS S3 buckets and restrict their public access

  • Find unencrypted database clusters and instances in your cloud environments

GitGuardian preventing data leaks

Reduce secrets exposure risk

  • Find exposed sensitive environment variables

  • Detect hardcoded database encryption keys

GitGuardian scanning code for hardcoded secrets

Learn more about GitGuardian’s Infrastructure-as-Code security policies.

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Harden your cloud infrastructure at the source

Infrastructure-as-Code security resources