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How to detect secrets in source code?

GitGuardian and alternatives

What is GitGuardian?

GitGuardian is a cybersecurity startup that is automating secrets detection and remediation. We are solving the issue of secrets sprawling within organizations, a widespread problem that leads to some secrets ending up in compromised places or in the public space. GitGuardian raised 12M$ in October 2019 and is backed by prominent investors including Scott Chacon, Co-Founder of GitHub, and Solomon Hykes, Founder of Docker. GitGuardian provides two products, GitGuardian Public Monitoring and GitGuardian Internal Repositories Monitoring, that are aimed at securing two distinct perimeters.


What is GitGuardian Public Monitoring?

GitGuardian Public Monitoring scans all public GitHub, at scale, in real-time. The product links developers with their companies, and then monitors these developers wherever they contribute on public GitHub, especially on their personal public repositories. 80% of corporate leaks on GitHub (that is to say leaks that involve corporate or client data) occur on developers’ personal repositories (as opposed to corporate official open source repositories, if any). Companies often don’t know where their developers’ personal repositories are. They don’t have visibility on them, let alone the authority to enforce security measures there. The product comes in the form of a SaaS dashboard used by Incident Response, Threat Intelligence or Application Security teams to find leaked credentials, investigate and remediate quickly.


What is GitGuardian Internal Repositories Monitoring?

GitGuardian Internal Repositories Monitoring scans corporate repositories, private or Open Source (if any). The product is natively integrated with GitHub and GitLab. It includes a ‘secrets detection as a service’ API as well to integrate in your CI pipeline or with Slack or Jira for example to make sure your secrets don’t end up in all the tools your developers use. The product comes in the form of a dashboard used by Application Security teams to detect credentials and collaborate with development and ops teams to remediate quickly. The product is available in SaaS and On Prem.


What are GitGuardian's alternatives?

If you’re in the research process of choosing a git secrets scanning solution then you’re probably looking to compare GitGuardian with other alternatives to figure out whether it might be right for you. To help make this as easy as possible, we’ve put together a detailed overview of how GitGuardian stacks up to other solutions, which could be open source project or enterprise-grade software.

GitGuardian vs truffleHog
GitGuardian vs gitLeaks
GitGuardian vs GitHub Advanced Security
GitGuardian vs GitLab Secret Detection

Looking to compare GitGuardian with a not listed alternative? Ask us your desired comparison and we will help you understand how we're different through a dedicated features grid, so you can find the best fit for you.

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