CodeSecDays 2024 - Join GitGuardian for a full-day exploration of cutting-edge DevSecOps solutions!

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CodeSecDays 2024 - Join GitGuardian for a full-day exploration of cutting-edge DevSecOps solutions!

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Keep your secrets out of GitLab

GitGuardian’s automated secrets detection and remediation integrates security into your DevOps lifecycle. Plug GitGuardian into GitLab and enforce security policies across all your source code repositories and CI pipelines.

  • %ndet%+ supported types of secrets and sensitive files
  • Historical scanning & real-time protection
  • Native integration with GitLab
Trusted by 150k+ developers,
we’re the #1 security app on
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Why is GitGuardian better than GitLab Secret Detection?

We bring Dev. Sec. and Ops.


Set up pre-commit Git hooks and catch hardcoded secrets before you push your work.


Act on high-fidelity alerts and empower your developers to remediate their own incidents.

Devops & sres

Harden your CI/CD pipelines with automated secrets scanning and never deploy a secret again.

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How do we compare to GitLab Secret Detection?


GitLab Secret Detection

Desktop Screen

Automated detection


GitLab Secret Detection


✅ %ndet%+ types of secrets supported with high accuracy level provided by the ability to check the validity of some type of keys before raising an alert

✅ 90 types of secrets based on the ​​rulesets and key types of the open-source tool GitLeaks.

✅ Validity checks.

✅ IaC scanning.


✅ 22 sensitive filenames detected (ex: id_rsa, .env)

✅ 14 file extensions detected (ex: .key, .cert)

✅ Enforce the presence of .gitignore files

❌ No sensitive file names are detected.

❌ No sensitive file extensions are detected.

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SDLC stages scanning


GitLab Secret Detection

Git Hooks

✅ Supported through GitGuardian CLI app "ggshield", for teams fully embracing Shift Left | Works for Pre-commit, Pre-push, Pre-receive

✅ Supported via customization.

Docker image scanning

✅ Yes, scanning covers Dockerfile, build arguments, and the image's layers' filesystem

❌ Not supported.

CI pipelines

✅ Yes, runs with GitHub Actions, GitLab pipelines, Bitbucket pipelines, Azure pipelines, Jenkins CI, Circle CI, Drone CI, and Travis CI

🟠 Limited to GitLab pipelines.

VCS integration (multi VCS)

✅ Yes, runs with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket

🟠 Yes, limited to GitLab

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User Interface


GitLab Secret Detection

Developer and Security collaboration

✅ Developers can get access to incidents via the GitGuardian dashboard or via a link to an external page to view incident details, fill a feedback form and remediate the incident on their own.

✅ Developers can view pipelines’ security tab and reports in the merge request widget.

🟠 Only available with the GitLab Ultimate plan.

User interface/ dashboard

✅ Rich UI/centralized dashboard for Security and Incident Response teams.

✅ Results can be displayed in your GitLab Security Dashboard (see here).

✅ JSON reports for all vulnerabilities are also available.

🟠 Only available with the GitLab Ultimate plan.

Roles and permissions

✅ Yes, the available roles "Workspace Owner", "Manager" (admin), "Member" and "Restricted" are designed for fine-grained access control down to the occurrence level.

❌ No dedicated roles for Security Engineers.

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