secret sprawl

Clean your version control system and prevent secrets from making their way into your codebase.

We’re proud to have Scott Chacon, founder of GitHub, as an investor and advisor

Scott Chacon

Scott Chacon


Benefits for your business

Reduce attack vectors for external hackers, malicious insiders, and compromised users

Be compliant with industry standards

Raise awareness amongst your developers teams by enforcing good development practices

shield grid

What we do



Your developers client side (local git) and your git server



Many different types of secrets: API keys, database connection strings, credentials, certificates, …


Check your compliance

With industry standards and best practices

Two layers of defense

1. Client side (local git)

Local git-friendly detection to prevent some secrets from entering the codebase.

2. Server side

Sophisticated detection to catch other secrets and prevent client side layer from being bypassed.