The State of Secrets Sprawl report 2024 is now live!


Detect intruders in your software supply chain

Deploy honeytokens in every component of your software supply chain: Source Control Management systems, CI/CD pipelines, artifact registries, developer workstations, and more.

  • Effortlessly create and manage thousands of honeytokens
  • Inject these decoy credentials and monitor your codebase coverage
  • Get high-value and accurate alerts in real-time
  • Investigate triggered honeytokens using contextual data
  • Respond swiftly to early indicators of compromise
  • Zero-maintenance overhead with our managed infrastructure

Curious about our Honeytoken solution?

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Break the attacker cycle with honeytokens

Break the attacker cycle with honeytokens

Scan. Detect. Remediate.

Protect all your assets, no matter who runs them or where they are running.

Secure your software development lifecycle with enterprise-grade secrets detection. Eliminate blind spots with our automated, battle-tested detection engine.

Detect intrusion in your own environments

There’s no secret we can’t find

Deploy honeytokens in your private codebase, self-hosted and managed DevOps tools and developer workstations, and be alerted at the slightest hint of tampering.

With hundreds of built-in secret detectors scanning thousands of git repositories, GitGuardian brings everything to light. Build custom detectors to enhance your scans for secrets unique to your organization.

Detect third-party breaches

Precise, real-time detection without the hassle

Deploy honeytokens in your third-party software components, and detect compromised accounts – or service provider breaches before they are disclosed.

High-efficiency detection proven by billions of commits. GitGuardian is fast, robust, and battle-tested — we’ve scanned over 3 billion commits pushed to public GitHub repositories since 2018.

Detect code leakage on GitHub repositories

Remediation in hours,
not days

GitGuardian monitors GitHub around the clock. Be alerted about the leaks of your honeytokens on public-facing code repositories.

GitGuardian unites developer and security teams with cross-functional data for in-depth investigation and remediation. Enable shift-left testing using your existing systems, teams, and processes.

Meet the key players in honeytokens deployment and management

We bring Dev. Sec. and Ops. together

One powerful platform for developers, site reliability engineers, and secops analysts.

Discover vulnerabilities early and collaboratively, then harness rapid remediation to save time, money, and paperwork.


As code owners, devs will place the honeytokens

Cover your code

Help disseminate the honeytokens with a simple and fun workflow.

Automatically scan public and private code changes. Get alerted when you expose a secret, then remediate quickly to minimize impact.



Play a crucial role in the Honeytoken initiative

Act on timely and high fidelity alerts

Create, manage, monitor honeytokens, and respond to alerts generated by them. Utilize automation for dissemination.

Reduce the risk of secrets exposure. Save your AppSec team time and effort and enable incident response experts to accelerate remediation with easy-to-use reports.

Site reliability engineers


Hold high privileges in the infrastructure

Never deploy
a secret again

Deploy honeytokens on Terraform files in S3 buckets, CI environment variables, and the vault using ggshield.

Deploy secure code with native integrations. Plug into your CI/CD pipeline to discover vulnerabilities.

GitGuardian integrates seamlessly with your SDLC




version control system

siem or itsm

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Secrets Detection x Honeytoken

Get GitGuardian to accelerate your Supply Chain Security program at an affordable price with a unified Application Security platform to reduce the whole attack surface and detect early intrusion.

Enhanced supply chain security

Strengthen your security posture by automating secrets detection while effectively luring and detecting attackers with GitGuardian honeytokens in your supply chain.

Source detection

Get source and file information for each deployed honeytoken in our monitored repositories and prioritize the secrets exposed in those repositories.

Minimized false alerts

Industry-leading accuracy with low false positive rates for reliable protection. We automatically flag generated honeytokens without triggering alerts in the dashboard.

Proactive developer & security culture

Both products are built for security teams but with great developer experience and a shift-left mindset. You can create honeytokens and fix secrets in code with GitGuardian CLI.

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See what GitGuardian can do for you

See what GitGuardian can do for you

Tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll connect you with a GitGuardian expert who can share more about our Secrets Detection and Honeytoken bundle and answer any questions. Not ready to talk to us yet? No pressure. We will share our product demo and a few resources with you so that you don’t have to talk to any Guardian.

Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll connect you with a GitGuardian expert who can share more about our GitHub code scanning’s solutions and answer any questions you have.

Not ready to talk to us yet? No pressure. You can start scanning your GitHub Code Repos for free, or watch our product demo without talking to any Guardian.

Curious about our Honeytoken solution?

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