Gartner®: Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls


Gartner®: Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls


Securing the Gateway - Mastering API Security in the Modern Web Landscape

APIs are the backbone of modern web applications, yet we rarely assess security beyond the traditional WAFs and Gateways. In fact, in a recent scan of over 1.5k GraphQL endpoints revealed a staggering 46,000+ security issues and sensitive data leaks—all accessible without authentication, with 10% classified as critical.

Due to API’s being widely used by developers, they have now become a favored attack vector for threat actors.

But what is the right process?

How do you integrate API security into your CI/CD?

In this webinar, we will explore the importance of secure APIs, showing you how to assess potential risks and vulnerabilities across various API types.

We will also cover best practices for testing your APIs before releasing them into production.

At the end there will be a live demonstration of API security scanning via our special guest Tristan Kalos, CEO of Escape and ex-software engineer and machine learning researcher at UC Berkeley.

So join me, Mackenzie Jackson, Security Advocate at GitGuardian to learn the ins and outs of keeping your API’s secure.

And don't miss your chance to interact with peers, ask questions, and participate in a draw to win GitGuardian prizes! Save your seat now!

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