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luis avatarluis@iLuisCastillo

This will be great when you forget to hide api's access key in your code :) // @GitGuardian is now guarding my open source code for credential leaks. You've got my back GG! 🙏 #GitHub #CyberSecurity #Tech https://t.co/4NBYWAyEtS

12 Jun 2019
Adrian avatarAdrian@adzadzadz1

@GitGuardian is doing me a big favor warning me against credential leaks!!! GGWP #GitHub #CyberSecurity #Tech https://t.co/vU70szuJkj

11 Jun 2019
Anders Magnus Andersen avatarAnders Magnus Andersen@izznogooood

What happened: I accidentally committed and pushed a Jest crash log. Understandably it contains the environment variables at the time of the crash. No matter how careful you are, without the right tools we make mistakes. I am not the commercial type but thank god for @GitGuardian

18 May 2019
Anders Magnus Andersen avatarAnders Magnus Andersen@izznogooood

Today i woke up with an email from @GitGuardian telling me I've uploaded my @SendGrid API key in a commit to @github. I was not using GitGuardian at the time, but i am now! These things happen, even if your careful! Read how in the next tweet.

18 May 2019
Robin Dao avatarRobin Dao@_drobin_

@GitGuardian just informed me about a secret key accidentally committed to my repo. This is a great tool to have when working with Git! 🙏 #GitHub #CyberSecurity #Tech https://t.co/Cqf1MZ7NXd

18 May 2019
Ssemuwemba avatarSsemuwemba@eddiesemu

@GitGuardian good work you are doing! 👏🏼You just saved me from exposing a vital API Key

17 May 2019
PAtO avatarPAtO@patoman007

Amazing!. I accidentally committed my Google API key and immediately got this email from @GitGuardian

10 May 2019
Rotimi Best avatarRotimi Best@rotimi_best

Thanks @GitGuardian. I don't know what I would have done without you ^^ https://t.co/vgeKeoozeN

29 Apr 2019
Steven Kuipers avatarSteven Kuipers@Kuipers_S

Whoops, got a mail from @GitGuardian that I leaked an API key. Thanks for notifying me ^^ https://t.co/s6ge6cv7YH

29 Apr 2019
Omar avatarOmar@omarish

Also, @GitGuardian has created a genius customer acquisition strategy. I pushed a public repo to github but forgot to remove a private API key. They sent me this automatic email notification and I'm now a user for life. https://t.co/YwBs5Zc3Tb

28 Apr 2019
DBK avatarDBK@00sya

@GitGuardian すげぇ,GitGuardianめちゃくちゃ利口… APIキーをコミットしたら知らせてくれる…しかもどのサービスのAPIかも特定されている… https://t.co/wfR1M0IYOX

24 Apr 2019
Bruce 👋 avatarBruce 👋@bcye_tw

@damcclean There’s also @GitGuardian which goes out of their way for hunting down your email if the repo is public and sending you an email that you did something bad

20 Apr 2019
Ogenrwot Aaron avatarOgenrwot Aaron@OgenrwotAaron

@GitGuardian is now guarding my open source code for credential leaks. You've got my back GG! 🙏 https://t.co/hn5sY8zKxA #reactDeveloper #ReactJS

3 Apr 2019
Eduardo Emery avatarEduardo Emery@StochasticBrain

@ItsOtariocilio @GitGuardian amei muito vc é o meu senhor GitHub te amo

2 Apr 2019
David Jegan Abishek avatarDavid Jegan Abishek@JeganAbishek

@GitGuardian is amazing! It was able to alert me about a potential Github credential leak in less than a minute!! #Gitguardian #Youguysareamazing

21 Mar 2019
Suman Sourav avatarSuman Sourav@SumanS0urav

RT @GitGuardian: Thank you for your amazing comment @a_bangser. Mistakes happen to the best dev. Nobody is safe from a `git add .` or forgetting to create `.gitignore`. We will continue to do our best to provide value to developers and companies. #CyberShttps://t.co/5mk2WiEMBB

11 Mar 2019
Abby Bangser avatarAbby Bangser@a_bangser

Mistakes happen and @GitGuardian did the worlds best marketing...they provided value right away with an alert! Now I am signed up :)

9 Mar 2019
Romain Rivière avatarRomain Rivière@MarchandDeSale

@GitGuardian saving my ass from leaking my firebase apiKey. Thanks :) https://t.co/ntiL4mWA39

1 Mar 2019
Jacob Hands avatarJacob Hands@jachands

Accidently leaked my GitLab api key in a GitHub repo. Got an email from @GitGuardian about it (even though I'd never heard of them.) THANK YOU!!!

24 Feb 2019
Dalton.Stegner avatarDalton.Stegner@StegnerDalton

@GitGuardian Thanks for the quick reply! after your warning I set my repo to private so thanks for the heads up!

17 Feb 2019
JMcCluskey avatarJMcCluskey@zorellon

@GitGuardian is now guarding my open source code for credential leaks. If you would like it to do the same for your projects go to: https://t.co/nA4NdfqdM4

17 Feb 2019
Paul DiMaggio avatarPaul DiMaggio@pldmgg

@stefscherer @GitGuardian Had no idea GitGuardian was a thing! I've had nightmares about exactly this, so definitely going to look into using it. Thanks for sharing!

16 Feb 2019
Stefan Scherer avatarStefan Scherer@stefscherer

Wow. Open sourced a private repo. Soon after I got notified from @GitGuardian that there is an old commit (where I removed a Terraform tfstate file). Thanks good people. You've got my back GG! 🙏 https://t.co/2rpvjjuXcI

15 Feb 2019
clément.dev avatarclément.dev@ClementBourgoin

Thanks @GitGuardian. 'nuff said. #goodbot

12 Feb 2019
Thomas Visser avatarThomas Visser@thomvis

Thanks to @GitGuardian for warning me that I was stupid enough to push AWS credentials to a (now) public repo 🤦‍♂️

30 Jan 2019
Bruce 👋 avatarBruce 👋@bcye_tw

@GitGuardian is now guarding my open source code for credential leaks, after a very surprising email that I included an auth token. You guys are doing an amazing job, shit happens and this is good protection :) https://t.co/uWqfuzWPb5

28 Jan 2019
David Aparicio 🚀 #mixit19 avatarDavid Aparicio 🚀 #mixit19@dadideo

@GitGuardian is now guarding my open source code for credential leaks. 13 Credentials were found!! You've got my back GG! 🙏 https://t.co/OGLicsf68P

23 Jan 2019
ゆう avatarゆう@Muller1412

@GitGuardian helped me prevent exposure of my Google API keys to public. Didn't know you guys even existed. Good marketing :) https://t.co/dHcrN3Ir2o

21 Jan 2019
Leptos avatarLeptos@leptos_null

Pretty impressed with @GitGuardian. The "API key" hyperlink directed to https://t.co/g0ECy7wkmo https://t.co/YCJBUhT9Xq

20 Jan 2019
Ben Buttigieg avatarBen Buttigieg@benbtg

.@GitGuardian thanks for the headsup on my little api key slipup. No doubt it won't be the last time. Very handy service! Will definitly use in future.

28 Dec 2018
Vignesh Ak avatarVignesh Ak@ThalaVicky0

@GitGuardian thanks git guardian 🙏🙏. You saved me by notifying about Google api key in repository thank you

25 Dec 2018
Forum des Télécoms avatarForum des Télécoms@ForumTelecoms

@GitGuardian helps developers, small teams and large businesses, universities and governmental organizations around the world protecting their costly assets from black hat hackers. https://t.co/VEZVS7XcIN

20 Dec 2018
{{Ketchup}} avatar{{Ketchup}}@uur_oruc

@GitGuardian I think i can get all bonus points :) https://t.co/QdKlo4LQlX

16 Dec 2018
Jonathan Novaretti avatarJonathan Novaretti@jonnovaretti

Wonderful. I accidentally committed my sendgrid key and the @GitGuardian notified me and @Azure, that block my sendgrid to prevent someone use it. They guided me to execute commands on git to remove the file and all historic from the file. Thanks

15 Dec 2018
Matt Cowger avatarMatt Cowger@mcowger

Hey thanks @GitGuardian for letting me know I left my @datadoghq API key in a commit. Fixed! Neat service.

12 Dec 2018
Daniel Valdenegro Ibarra avatarDaniel Valdenegro Ibarra@dhvalden

@GitGuardian Jesus Christ! Thank you guys!!! I just stupidly push some of my credential, but you guys just sent me an email in like 5 seconds!!! Thanks again. Now I'm my way to give a star on @github

10 Dec 2018
Hossam Hammady avatarHossam Hammady@hammady

Another alert from @GitGuardian but after 9 minutes from the incident. https://t.co/Iv01dIyz3i

10 Dec 2018
Teri Radichel #cybersecurity #reinforce avatarTeri Radichel #cybersecurity #reinforce@TeriRadichel

GitGuardian wants to help you prevent exposure of secrets. ⁦@GitGuardianhttps://t.co/a4TLduPwYs

20 Nov 2018
Indy Singh avatarIndy Singh@indy_singh_uk

@leonardiwagner @austoonz @GitGuardian @awscloud It's amazingly scarily how efficient these evil bots are.

20 Nov 2018
Wagner Leonardi avatarWagner Leonardi@leonardiwagner

I accidentally pushed AWS keys to a pet project on GH, and just 15 seconds later @GitGuardian and AWS alerts me about that 💩 , however, 1 min. later an "evil bot" already tries to scam me but @awscloud automatically blocked the suspicious user. Thank you for the amazing service! https://t.co/xAinbE3FCS

16 Nov 2018
Marek Grzenkowicz avatarMarek Grzenkowicz@chopeen

@GitGuardian Once diagnosed, I would be very happy to hear why it was missed. Also, consider adding some examples in the FAQ - true positives, but also false positives - to show keys that will be caught and ones that may be ignored.

14 Nov 2018
Marek Grzenkowicz avatarMarek Grzenkowicz@chopeen

I tried to trigger @GitGuardian by committing a fake (but plausible) API key - https://t.co/SndaOzsSQt - but received no alert. Is it a bug or a feature? Are you able to tell somehow this is not an actual key?

14 Nov 2018
KBOY (エンジニア系YouTuber) avatarKBOY (エンジニア系YouTuber)@kboy_silvergym

Thank you ! @GitGuardian !!

10 Nov 2018
kasser avatarkasser@0x501

@GitGuardian only subscribers receive emails or you get it from github contact?

10 Nov 2018
Niall Cooling avatarNiall Cooling@feabhas

Just signed up for ⁦@GitGuardian⁩ looks such a useful and important tool for #github repos https://t.co/t4zNS0kitP

4 Nov 2018
Gwendal Le Coguic avatarGwendal Le Coguic@gwendallecoguic

@GitGuardian works very well. I commited my Shodan key by accident, got an email in a minute. Awesome, thanks guys!

2 Nov 2018
Pooja Mittal avatarPooja Mittal@pooja_mittal783

@GitGuardian for more exposure you can submit your #startup by means of https://t.co/UcYa95LIWF at #BetaPage.

30 Oct 2018
Jan Göbel avatarJan Göbel@_jpGobel

Really impressed by @GitGuardian. I accidentally commited an API key into a public repo and got an email immediately. I just invalidated the key and everything is fine again.

20 Oct 2018
FrenchTchTourAmerica avatarFrenchTchTourAmerica@FTT_America

D-1 #FTTAmerica @GitGuardian is the first platform scanning all #GitHub public activity #IRT for API secret tokens, #database credentials or vault keys https://t.co/xrm6BaIwwk https://t.co/A1i2W4wOAp

8 Oct 2018
abdullah m. ceylan avatarabdullah m. ceylan@ceylanabdullah

Wow, awesome! I accidentally committed my Google API key and @GitGuardian sent me an email immediately. You're really Good Guy. Thanks.

15 Sep 2018
Juraci Paixão Kröhling avatarJuraci Paixão Kröhling@jpkrohling

This is really cool! Thanks @GitGuardian, but this one *should* be OK :-) https://t.co/gAWcSKz7SY

14 Sep 2018
Jorge Vue•mann avatarJorge Vue•mann@baumannzone

Thanks @GitGuardian, this time you (almost) saved my a**! I realized about it too late🤦‍♂️ and the server was attacked ☠️

13 Sep 2018
Jorge Vue•mann avatarJorge Vue•mann@baumannzone

👋 Hola, conoces @GitGuardian? Un servicio que te avisa cuando tienes #fugas de #datos #sensibles (configuración de tu #DB, #API_keys, #passwords, etc) 🔓 👇👇

13 Sep 2018
Paul Schneider avatarPaul Schneider@notazof

J'ai pas eu le temps d'en rêver, et @GitGuardian est déjà là pour moi!

8 Sep 2018
Alonso Isidoro Roman avatarAlonso Isidoro Roman@alonso_Isidoro

Thank you @GitGuardian

6 Sep 2018
Lucas avatarLucas@andreybleme

Salvou um cartão de crédito esse @GitGuardian. Subi acidentalmente um token da minha conta Digital Ocean em um repositório público. Recebi e-mail 1 minuto depois avisando da burrada que fiz. Apontando a linha de código inclusive. Usem https://t.co/N1eM3C2CP7

3 Sep 2018
Bu galala 🐒🐒 🤵🕺🕺 avatarBu galala 🐒🐒 🤵🕺🕺@abu_galala

@GitGuardian I didn't expect to have such a tool in our world. 😍😍 great idea I guess 🙌🙌

3 Sep 2018
Baptiste Doucerain avatarBaptiste Doucerain@DBattou

@GitGuardian nice help from them

29 Aug 2018
Baptiste Doucerain avatarBaptiste Doucerain@DBattou

@GitGuardian good advice buddy thx

29 Aug 2018
Dinesh Bolkensteyn avatarDinesh Bolkensteyn@DBolkensteyn

Kudos to both @GitGuardian and @googlecloud for their instant warning of my accidental commit containing a GCP json service key :) @GitGuardian numbers are impressive: Every day, it analyses ~2M commits, each in <4 seconds, and finds ~100 vulnerable ones

22 Aug 2018
rupanshsekar avatarrupanshsekar@rupanshsekar

@GitGuardian Great work on detecting my TelegramBot's API key XD . Highly recommended!

22 Aug 2018
Gerome Billois avatarGerome Billois@gbillois

Le groupe @SocieteGenerale et @wavestone_ ont récompensé quatre startups lauréates de la seconde édition des « Banking Cybersecurity Innovation Awards » ⏭ les vainqueurs sont @UbbleA @CopSonic @icaretechcom @GitGuardian #BCSIA #Innovation #cybersecurite https://t.co/vjvc5efBvo https://t.co/F09M4u8sQc

23 Jul 2018
Abhishek Uniyal avatarAbhishek Uniyal@uniyal25

@GitGuardian helped me prevent exposure of my Google API keys to public. Didn't know you guys even existed. Good marketing :)

21 Jul 2018
Suman Nepal avatarSuman Nepal@nsumanepal

@GitGuardian I unknowingly exposed my Twitter api credential in one of my public commit. It flagged very quickly. Awesome work

13 Jul 2018
Davy Jones avatarDavy Jones@OpsDavy

@GitGuardian appreciate the heads up, quickly amended that commit and revoked the key!

9 Jul 2018
Claire Levasseur avatarClaire Levasseur@ClaireL_COM

Prix de la protection des données clients remis à @GitGuardian #BCSIA @SocieteGenerale @wavestoneFR @SG_InsideIT #Cybersécurité #opensource https://t.co/pkYAdM9n2y

4 Jul 2018
Yamina Dekali avatarYamina Dekali@DYamina

@GitGuardian vainqueur du prix protection des données client du concours #BCSIA @wavestone_ @SocieteGenerale https://t.co/VVF8WEctxA

4 Jul 2018
Gopi avatarGopi@Gopi2823

@GitGuardian your simply awesome. Dint know about GitGuardian until I got a mail from it on my recent pusp. Great work

4 Jul 2018
Matthew D. Groves avatarMatthew D. Groves@mgroves

@GitGuardian thanks for the alert. I wouldn't have noticed that I screwed up my commit if it weren't for you. Thanks!

3 Jul 2018
Olivier Lépine avatarOlivier Lépine@crapougnax

Don't code and daydream! I just pushed 😱 an AWS access key to Github and was immediately informed by @GitGuardian and @awscloud about the situation. All resolved in a matter of minutes 😅 Thanks a bunch to them for having me look only half stupid 🤡 today 🙏

3 Jul 2018
Placide Lunis avatarPlacide Lunis@PlacideLunis

Thank you @GitGuardian for alerting me of mistakes. This is really machine learning for good. Such an inspiration.

2 Jul 2018
Arthur Guiot avatarArthur Guiot@arthur_guiot

@GitGuardian Thank you from preventing me to push an API key on a public project.

24 Jun 2018
Risk_Insight avatarRisk_Insight@Risk_Insight

#BCSIA: @GitGuardian protège les entreprises contre les fuites de données avec leur plateforme de détection de fuite de credentials dans le code source sur @github https://t.co/gKIb5SAKpP

13 Jun 2018
Partech avatarPartech@PartechPartners

The @GitGuardian product enables to react in 4 seconds and a few minutes the company can react and close the access. #security #APIkey #cloud #github

12 Jun 2018
Partech avatarPartech@PartechPartners

.@GitGuardian detects at least one data leak in the Fortune500 list regularly. This happened to #Uber and to an US government agency. @GitGuardian got access to internal messagery service of a US agency! #security #Github

12 Jun 2018
Willian Antunes avatarWillian Antunes@willianantunes

Publiquei o token do robô do Telegram no GitHub e o @GitGuardian me informou horas depois pra eu tomar cuidado. Valeu amigo! #MachineLearning #GitHub #Telegram

5 Jun 2018
Vinay Krishna avatarVinay Krishna@VinKrishh

Good job @GitGuardian for detecting API-KEY exposed on my public repository.

26 May 2018
luis avatarluis@https_luiso

Thank you @GitGuardian for detected an possible API key from Google in my repository. What agility!

23 May 2018
Lukas Karlsson avatarLukas Karlsson@lukwam

I was apparently also notified via email by @GitGuardian: "The first platform scanning all GitHub public activity in real time for API secret tokens, database credentials or vault keys. Be alerted in seconds. Integrate in minutes." You can pay them for this service. #goodguybot

23 May 2018
Romin Irani avatarRomin Irani@iRomin

Happy to note that @GitGuardian detected a possible API Key exposure in the source code that I checked into Github. Thank You.

22 May 2018
Herrold Real avatarHerrold Real@HerroldReal1

@GitGuardian is awesome, thanks for protecting me

19 May 2018
Jeroen Claassens avatarJeroen Claassens@Favna_

@GitGuardian I actually did pretty much all you guys wrote there except that I used git filter-branch as explained on this article as BFG didn't want to work for me https://t.co/rR79MTWK8N

14 May 2018
Jeroen Claassens avatarJeroen Claassens@Favna_

I try to never rewrite git history but when @GitGuardian mailed me today about leaked keys I was on that rewrite like there is no tomorrow! Thanks GitGuardian!

11 May 2018
Sawe Peter avatarSawe Peter@SawePeter3

@GitGuardian thanks for alerting me of the risk of exposing my apikey to the public. and helped me safeguard

10 May 2018
λ Leonardo Furtado avatarλ Leonardo Furtado@furtleo

@GitGuardian thanks for the protection <3

8 May 2018
Chris Germano avatarChris Germano@chris_germano

Didn't know @GitGuardian was a thing until I got an email on my most recent project. Awesome & convenient.

21 Apr 2018
Jorge Vue•mann avatarJorge Vue•mann@baumannzone

😲 y0, @GitGuardian , you saved my day, thanks for pointing out my error! Didn't know about your existence until today. <3😊 🔎

20 Apr 2018
Francisco Canela avatarFrancisco Canela@fjcanela

@baumannzone @GitGuardian Interesting. Ill check pricing for private repos

20 Apr 2018
Ivan Beldad Fernandez avatarIvan Beldad Fernandez@ivanbeldad

@GitGuardian Didn't know about you until I sent accidentally a github token to my repo. Amazing service. The only thing to regret is that your page is completely empty. But I bet you will grow fast. Good luck and thank for the advice!

20 Apr 2018
Jim Christy avatarJim Christy@jchr1sty

@GitGuardian thanks for pointing out my error! Compromised AWS account and 20 instances in every region had already been spun up! Fixed now. Thanks!!!

30 Mar 2018
𝔐𝔲𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔣𝔞 𝔍𝔞𝔪𝔞𝔩 avatar𝔐𝔲𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔣𝔞 𝔍𝔞𝔪𝔞𝔩@mustafaj4m

@GitGuardian doing good job it caught my twilio API key as accentually committed it. 👍

9 Mar 2018
Gaurav Sharma avatarGaurav Sharma@gauravsharmapro

@GitGuardian Superb !! Immediate email from you guys. I commited my AWS accesskey by mistake and you were such a saviour. Great tool.

1 Mar 2018
🅼🅸🆉🅽🅴🆁 avatar🅼🅸🆉🅽🅴🆁@miznerism

@GitGuardian good bot

25 Feb 2018
no one deserves to have a billion dollars avatarno one deserves to have a billion dollars@pthomasgarcia

Made a careless mistake. Pushed a Google API key to GitHub... Thankful I revoked it beforehand. Wouldn't have been aware hadn't I received this unexpected email from @GitGuardian. A thousand thanks! Not gonna lie though, "for a minute there I lost myself, I lost myself." 👻 https://t.co/k47KHwJH0y

18 Feb 2018
Matteo Valentini avatarMatteo Valentini@_Amygos

Thanks @GitGuardian! You just saved my ass today, only 10 seconds after i pressed enter. Kudos! :)

14 Feb 2018
Dan Phiffer avatarDan Phiffer@dphiffer

It does make me wonder how many blackhat versions of the @GitGuardian scripts are running. (Needless to say I expired that API key immediately.)

10 Feb 2018
Dan Phiffer avatarDan Phiffer@dphiffer

Just got an email notifying me that I’d published a MailChimp API key publicly on GitHub. I did not know @GitGuardian exists until now, but I’m glad that it does.

10 Feb 2018
rachit shah avatarrachit shah@rachitshah19861

@GitGuardian I just fall in love with you when you detected My AWS S3 API Keys and mailed me that you have detected!!! I am amazed and thank you for taking care...

27 Jan 2018
Thomas Gainant avatarThomas Gainant@thomasgainant

@GitGuardian thank you for saving my ass, god damn it!

18 Jan 2018
Some sort of Arweinydd avatarSome sort of Arweinydd@ExternalCrisis1

@davidgeismar @GitGuardian NEVER. If I'm honest, their support team is awesome and they said it's being added soon :)

18 Jan 2018
david geismar avatardavid geismar@davidgeismar

@ExternalCrisis1 @GitGuardian don't mess with the guardians bro

18 Jan 2018
weliton.js avatarweliton.js@welitondresende

Carai, o github faz uma leitura dos commits feitos e avisa por email se foi commitado alguma informação que deveria ser sigilosa com o @GitGuardian mto foda

18 Jan 2018
Some sort of Arweinydd avatarSome sort of Arweinydd@ExternalCrisis1

So, I decided to try and test @GitGuardian by uploading a false database.ini What's bad, is if it were real, the git guardian detection failed. https://t.co/5n3Z2mGs4T

17 Jan 2018
Anthony Borushko avatarAnthony Borushko@twinpixxx

wow! received a message from @GitGuardian they identifies in real time GitHub commits containing sensitive information using machine learning algorithms I just push my telegrambot with non-secure API key

15 Jan 2018
Manoj Kumar avatarManoj Kumar@hemumanfox

@GitGuardian Thanks for alerting me on time. Will be more careful!

13 Jan 2018
GitGuardian avatarGitGuardian@GitGuardian

@GitGuardian sent today his 20000th warning email (it was a GoogleCloud apikey) 🎉 !!!

10 Jan 2018
Kshitij avatarKshitij@iKshitij1

I accidentally committed my @googlecloud API key and @GitGuardian updated me with email in real time. Fixed it now :) https://t.co/BBdFQw5Hik

28 Dec 2017
Robert Tayar avatarRobert Tayar@bltemail

Saved my bacon @GitGuardian. Caught a key in old commit that was public. Thank you for email

27 Dec 2017
Michal Czaplinski avatarMichal Czaplinski@c_z_a_p_l_a

Wow, okay, I've accidentally commited JSON with a @googlecloud API token to a public repo. Got a warning email from @GitGuardian after about 10 seconds. #Xmas came early this year, thanks guys!

22 Dec 2017
Keval Patel avatarKeval Patel@kevalpatel2106

I just accidentally committed @dropboxapi key to my git repo and immediately I received a mail from @GitGuardian!You got my back buddy!👏 https://t.co/OXaY705IGY

21 Dec 2017
牛仙人 avatar牛仙人@token7

github にコミットしたら、@GitGuardian てとこからメール来た。まだ調整中らしく、過去に誤ってAPIKEYをコミットしちゃった上から、消してdotenvに逃がしたコミットまで捉えてた。このサービスは中々嬉しいかも。

18 Dec 2017
viktmv avatarviktmv@viktmv

Shout out to @GitGuardian bot for notifying me of my mistake! Accidentally committed .env file with API keys to GitHub and probably wouldn't have noticed it if it weren't for GG. Thanks!

6 Dec 2017
GitGuardian avatarGitGuardian@GitGuardian

@GitGuardian received today his 5000th true positive feedback (and 535 false positive feedbacks) from our warning emails (it was an Heroku apikey) achieving 90.3% precision 🎉 !!! #AI #CyberSecurity #leaks

29 Nov 2017
Jai Govindani avatarJai Govindani@govindani

Hey @GitGuardian we had a leak that wasn't detected by you guys (we don't think). Do you have a service that we can pay for to specially run on our repos all the time?

24 Nov 2017
Sylvain Leray [♠] avatarSylvain Leray [♠]@sylvainleray

Thanks @GitGuardian, just revoked and changed my token. I'll never do it again #Promise

18 Nov 2017
Your Favorite Mayowa. avatarYour Favorite Mayowa.@MayowaTudonu

@GitGuardian Awesome job Guardians...

12 Nov 2017
Dan Roscigno avatarDan Roscigno@DanRoscigno

Thanks @GitGuardian , I popped a test token into Git instead of my usual use of putting the token in a config file and reading it with https://t.co/RamSGGPwXu GitGuardian immediately let me know I compromised the token, and #Slack also detected the issue.

11 Nov 2017
Jacopo Nardiello @ Milan 🦄🇪🇺 avatarJacopo Nardiello @ Milan 🦄🇪🇺@jnardiello

@Ben_Hall Got an email from @GitGuardian, nothing from Amazon. And was lucky to be logged in. I Need to develop a nuking tool to clear up accounts

4 Nov 2017
Michal Špaček avatarMichal Špaček@spazef0rze

GitGuardian surely is a good guy and one very fine and useful bot. Good job @GitGuardian! https://t.co/zFcNrjhJYk

5 Oct 2017
Vagiz Duseev avatarVagiz Duseev@vduseev

wow @gitguardian I pushed my AWS IAM key to public GitHub repo. They told me about it in ~10 mins. I didn't pay a dime. Thanks!

30 Sep 2017
Andrew Vaughan avatarAndrew Vaughan@andrewvaughan

Amazing. I accidentally committed my @digitalocean API key and immediately got this email from @GitGuardian. Customer for life right here. https://t.co/tXfS1zyVL4

30 Sep 2017
Tehn Yit Chin avatarTehn Yit Chin@tehnyit

Accidently committed my MailChimp's API key into github. Email from @GitGuardian and @MailChimp_API Team alerting of the fact! Thanks!!!

24 Sep 2017
Dave Coffin avatarDave Coffin@davecoffin

@GitGuardian Ack I was one of those! You guys are the best. https://t.co/OMs2RftWJ8

15 Sep 2017
Seun Matt avatarSeun Matt@SeunMatt2

Thanks @GitGuardian, you guys save me a lot today

30 Aug 2017
Xavier Damman avatarXavier Damman@xdamman

@GitGuardian just got a false positive but love the service, thank you! 🙌

18 Aug 2017
Dave Albert avatarDave Albert@dave_albert

Thank you @GitGuardian! They were old disabled keys, but a good reminder to be much more careful with my dotfiles #ConstantVigilance

9 Aug 2017
Joe Gibbs Politz avatarJoe Gibbs Politz@joepolitz

Nice work @GitGuardian. Made a stupid paste mistake, wished I could take the push back, rotated credential, and then saw this in my inbox! https://t.co/poeEzCC27O

7 Aug 2017
Adam Fortuna avatarAdam Fortuna@adamfortuna

Good job @GitGuardian ! Nice that it was already deactivated, but nice to know about it. https://t.co/NvnLsTD0EN

22 Jul 2017
matt avatarmatt@spinningmatt

@GitGuardian awesome service! so, is it a false positive if i intended to commit an aws credential?

17 Jul 2017
Patrick Howard avatarPatrick Howard@urban_coder

Crazy useful bot. Saved my day without even asking. Brilliant! @GitGuardian

14 Jul 2017