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What are DevSecOps benefits?

Generate business value

Including security at every stage of the software delivery lifecycle will allow to catch vulnerabilities earlier. The cost associated with detecting and fixing security issues will therefore be mitigated. This also means that, as the data and the products, the business as a whole is safer. In the long run, this generates value by strengthening your business image and brand.


Improve deliverability without compromises

With DevSecOps, security bottlenecks can be drastically reduced. Customers’ security requirements are easier to meet on a schedule. One thing is true no matter what kind of customers you are serving: they use your product because they can trust it. As a consequence, you cannot make any compromise on security. Because threats are evolving rapidly, and at the same time the market always wants features shipped more quickly, pressure can accumulate on the shoulders of software engineers. DevSecOps comes with the promise of improved security. As more compliance requirements will roll out, organizations will also be better prepared. DevSecOps enables companies to deliver features fast and often.


Better agility

Thanks to automation, the security teams have more time to perform global audits and to update their knowledge on what matters: assets, defining priorities, evolve strategies. They are also able to answer quicker to threats and overall to accelerate the SDLC. Speed of recovery is enhanced in the case of a security incident by using templates and pet/cattle methodology. But they are not the only ones benefiting in terms of agility. Indeed, as with any type of testing, when the pipeline is properly covered you are not afraid to make experiments anymore. That means that you can iterate faster and be less shy about implementing small or radical changes on any brick supporting your product. This is what is called a “business enabler”.


Break the silos

The DevSecOps accelerates the development process. It automates everything related to security or policy, and more importantly, it's a repeatable process. The artifact is reusable for future projects and can be well integrated with your CI/CD pipelines.

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