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Table of content

DevSecOps checklist

  • Ensure dependency visibility to ensure everybody developing software understands its dependencies
  • Use CI/CD pipelines to integrate automatic security testing, scanning and remediation: SAST, DAST, plus secrets detection
  • Shift left by encouraging developers to complete vulnerability and dependency scanning before they even commit or push their code
  • Strengthen policy compliance and auditability with continuous documentation and transparency through tracking threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Facilitate cloud-native application protection by using a CI/CD platform that prioritizes and meets IT security standards
  • Investing in secrets management solutions and training to improve security in your multi-cloud environment
  • Create a culture where security is everyone’s responsibility by integrating security specialists and training developers to know how to design and implement secure software

The State of Secrets Sprawl 2023.

With over 1 billion data points, this is the most comprehensive research on exposed secrets in public GitHub, Terraform projects, and private codebases.

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